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    I have a gen 4 19, a gen 3 od frame 27, and recently I feel the need for a .45 ACP I would love to have one in my collection and for Concealed Carry...... I am between the 30 SF and the 36 I do have small hands but I dont know which one to choose and I have held a gen 3 30 it was a chunk but does the 30 SF have a big difference Ive looked at the measurements on GLOCK's website but I would like some real feedback please help me out
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    I have never shot the G30 but have shot the G30sf and really liked it. Yes it is still very thick but as far as grip it felt fine in the hand. I prefer the G30 over the G36 because of the extra rounds the 30 holds. Not only is it 10rds but you can put the G21 mag in it for a 13+1. Everyone that I have talked to that owns a G30 swears by it. It is on top of my list to get

  3. mpgo4th

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    I love the way the sf feels. On my gen4 I leave the blackstrap set to small like the sf 30 is. That's what I'd pick.
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    buy them both and give me the one you don't like :p

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    The difference between the 30 and 30SF is only in the width of the grip. It's thickness remains comparably the same as do the rest of the dimensions.

    Thus, choosing between a 30 and 30SF is purely a matter of fit and comfort. (IMO, the more you can grip, the better you can control. I own a 21SF and will eventually get a 30SF.)

    As to deciding between a 30 and a 36, you're making choices as to size versus round count. The 36 is definitely slimmer. The 30 can hold a couple-few more rounds. Is the thickness of the 30 that uncomfortable to carry? Does having a couple-few extra rounds really matter?
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  6. Zepaholic

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    I shot the G30 & the G36 also, but when it was all said & done I preferred the G30. So, I bought the G30, It suited me fine. The feel of the G30 recoil & grip were (IMO)better than the G36, plus having 4 more rounds does help as well.

    I plan on buying a G36 eventually, but not before I get a G21. :D
    Good luck with whatever you decide on.
  7. laober

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    I'd go with the 30sf. Personally, the "slim" 36 isn't all that slim to me. You get more rounds with a 30, plus you can get mags that will be compatible with a 21, big plus in my book for dual carry.
  8. series11

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    I have a G21 and a G30. I qualified on my CCW using G21 mags in my G30. While a G30 is a bit to hold I think that a G30SF is the best way to go. The G21 mags can go in my Kriss, G21 of course and my G30. I Love that aspect. While I might eventually, way down the road get a G36 one of the main issues I hear is round count. I went to Front Sight and a student was using the G36 and I asked him about it and he said it is awesome for CCW but definitely doesn't have the rounds to back it up when doing a course. I was also thinking that if I had multiple targets it would be difficult as well... if I could carry a larger mag (CA= 10rds) I would. My 2 cents.