Need Glock 21 OWB holster suggestions

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  1. just bought a G21 Gen 4 and I'm looking for a good OWB holster I can use primarily for IDPA, hunting sidearm, and other shooting events, and CCW secondary. I want something that I can also get a similar/matching double mag holder if possible. Do not want leather.

    Curious what y'all use for your G20/21's and if you like or not. Thanks!
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    What level of retention do you want? Deciding that will narrow the field.

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    Blackhawk serpa level 2 sportster
  4. Not sure of level's, but I don't want anything with buttons or latches. Just tight, friction hold like Kydex or plastic. Want strong side belt holster. Thanks
  5. We have in stock Itac holsters and Mag Pouches check them out : Itac Holsters
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    Send MikeP a PM or check out defensive he makes a sweet holster. Hugs the body and has great retention and super fast draw. And easy reholstering also you can have the option to wear it IWB or IWB.

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    MikeP with Defensive holsters!!!
  8. I sent him a pm and am awaiting a reply.
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    Sweet he will take care of you. ;)
    He might still be on vacation.
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    For things like competition or when I go out to work to Qualify I use the Fobus Holster and Mag holder. They are easy on and easy off but they stay in place where you put them!

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