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    I've been a full time martial arts instructor for a little while now, but with the economy and a few other things out my control its Getting hard to put food on the table. I have wanted to get into law enforcement for a while but never made a real lunge at it until now. I applied for a local city department here. Any advice for a guy trying to break in to carrer.

    Extra info on me: 28 years old, extensive martial arts experience, and leadership experience. Associate degree in automotive technology...didnt really use the degree a lot though.

    Just looking for any advice. Interview questions, stuff like that. Also if you think its worth putting your self threw P.O.S.T.
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    Find out the phycial fitness test standards and practise up, they are generally pass or fail, but an outstanding score always helps when the candidates are a close call.

    The psychological exam is about staying consistent, they will ask the same question in a slightly different way over and over to see if you change your answer over the course of a few hours. There will be question like 'what would you most enjoy 1) gun fight 2) high speed pursuit 3) helping an assault victim 4) helping cat out of a tree 5) teaching road safety to children. They are looking for someone who is not too aggressive and not to touchy feely. The standards on this are different for each department, so thats a hard one to give advise on, but stay consistent and don't take any of the most extreme answers.

    See if they will tell you what written test they use, many use a standard test, and you can get a copy online, a few will use a one of a kind test in which case you may be out of luck.

    When you go to the interview, dress nice (like a full suit). Be sure to use an authoritative voice, stiff handshake and look everyone in the eye when you talk to them. Don't take too long to answer questions, they are wanting someone who thinks fast. Keep a good posture from the second you pull into the parking lot, you are probably being watched and wont even know it.
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    Are you in shape? Get in better shape. Do you have a suit? Wear one to your interview. Be consistent in every answer during your interview. Don't change your answer even if they make you second guess (which they will try and do).
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    Check out some books on interview questions. They're in every book store and easily found online. They will ask you questions that it seems like there is no right answer to, like "if you pulled someone over for suspected DUI and discovered it was your mother, would you still arrest her?"

    Find out if there is a written test. If there is, and you're not a good test taker, prepare for it. I happen to be a good test taker, so I walked in blind and blew it away. It's mostly common sense stuff, but if you're not good at picking out the best answer in a multiple choice list, you'd do well to study possible questions. There are books for that too. I can't speak for written tests anywhere but NY, but in the State of NY they are required to call people starting at the top of the test score list, and with Veteran's Preference, it's possible to score a 105/100. They would call double or triple the number of openings and they rarely got below the 95s.

    If you get nervous during interviews, start working on calming techniques. When you get to the polygraph or voice stress analysis, try to stay calm and focused. I once showed as deceptive on polygraph because, when they asked me if I had ever used illegal drugs, I thought of one time when I was with a friend who smoked pot (I did not, ever, try any of them). When they told me I didn't pass and the question, I realized what happened.

    Be absolutely honest on your application. If you have ever smoked pot or tried any other drug, put it down. It's not, necessarily, a disqualifier. There are certain drugs that, even if you tried them once, can have a lasting, unexpected, effect; in those cases, you are more likely to be declined. Hallucinogenic drugs especially.

    If you have anything in your past, family issues, neighbor issues, etc, be prepared to answer about them if they come up. Obviously if there are court records about them, but even if there are not. They will interview family, friends and neighbors, any of which could say something that, if you fail to answer adequately, can put an end to your background check.
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    That's a good question. "If you pulled someone over and saw it was your mother. Would you right her a ticket?" Your answer should be "No". If you answer yes they know you're lying and know you're trying to provide and answer you thnk they want to hear. No officer would right their own mother a ticket.

    jonm61 is exactly right about the application and polygraph. Be completely honest about all answers because they will ask you again. If you were fired from a job, let them know. If you smoked pot, let them know. These answers will not disqualify you from the hiring but if they found out you lied on your app about're done.
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    I really appreciate all the advice, a lot of stuff I never would of thought of. The only thing I'm worried about as far as the PT test is the running. My old master use to say "if your running you should be running from something, and if your running from something then you should just turn and fight it"

    the interview is what I'm most concerned about. About 3 years ago I interviewed for a police position, wasn't fully commited like I am now but thought I would give it a shot. 2 open positions and 200+ applied. Test was not too bad, scored pretty high on that. PT test past pretty easy (I was cursing under my breath by the end of the mile run) but got out on the interview. Just want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

    Again thanks for all the advice
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    Update: PT test wed.
    Mile and a half in 15:54 (I hate running)
    25 push-ups (no stop)
    35 sit-ups under1:00
    Vertical jump 16"
    1 rep bench press of 75% of body weight (about 120 for me)
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    Where is this at? That seem easy compare to some of the agencies
    Here in MN. I have to do 1.5 miles run in 12.8 minutes.
    33 push ups, bench press 106% body weight, that 180 lbs for me.

    Anyway good luck and keep us posted

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    It's in Salt Lake County in UT. none of the tests bother me except the running, I'm in good shape(karate instructor) but I never was much of a runner. The lady I talked to today said there was one position open and she had 4 pages of names..... So we will see how this goes
  10. Good luck. Be honest. Be yourself. Longtime LEO's have a great BS meter. It took me a few months to get hired on, but seven years later I am still in love with the job and there is no more rewarding career.
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    You got it bro.
    My brother left for Air Force SEER program and he had to do 1.5 miles in 9:30
    I worked out with him and we did a test run before his pt and we did it in like 9:10
    For the official pt he had a time of a little under 9 mins.
    Good luck on your journey
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    I became a cop a long time ago now (12 years) and would not have done it any other way.

    It is the most rewarding job on earth.

    You can not change the world but you will undoubtedly make a world of difference in individual lives.

    Good luck.

    P.S. You will see the best and worst in people. Treat each assignment like a tv show and each is a different channel unrelated to the last. Don't let a job that just angered you affect the next one. And don't let a good job make you drop your guard on the next one either. But most important... when you go home... leave the tv at work. :)
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    Well said Chief!
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    Thanks :)
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    Thanks for all the support and advice from everyone. It's been a lot of help to me. I have always wanted a job were the world is just a little better then when I started that morning, and I think LEO is it for me