Need a good tactical for G21

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by gen4_G21, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. gen4_G21

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    Looking for a good tactical holster for my G21. Thinking about a Blackhawk serpa, I would like something that stays real tight to the body.

    Any suggestions? I like the holsters MikeP makes. Also what is the most cant angle that can be put on that type of holster?
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  2. RRoss

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    My suggestion would be to go with Mike P. He can customize it just about any way you want, and you can't beat his price or turnaround time. Realistically though, I personally wouldn't go more than a 15 degree cant, if you do, it could affect your draw.

  3. While many who have Serpas swear by them they would be lying if they told you they are easy to conceal. I still have one and they are simply to thick and bulky to conceal w/o printing horribly. You won't get any tighter/thinner to the body as a good custom kydex holster no matter who it's from.

    As stated above we can customize it any way you wish.
  4. kodiak

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    True statement
  5. ash1012

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    Very true I use my serpa for OP. I don't know how I would cc it during the summer

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    I can't cc my serpa without a winter jacket!!
  7. gen4_G21

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    If I went with a serpa I wouldn't try to cc with it. It would be a range/ holster to keep in my pack.
    I do really like the holsters on your web page.. Seem very well made. I will defiantly have to order one soon! The are all $60?
  8. hoovco

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    Serpas are way easy to conceal ... Did I mention I live in WI and its -20 half the year? Haha.
  9. No just the light bearing holsters are $60. The regular OWB's are $46 shipped, Dedicated IWB's $56 shipped or combo IWB/OWB are $56 also.

    The site needs updating horribly but we've had to many things going on outside of the holster stuff to do it. I would even love to make a new updated banner add.....just haven't had time to do it.
  10. gen4_G21

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    I can understand being busy. So as far as retention goes with that type of holster, if I was running/jumping etc.. How well do they hold up?
    Sorry for all the questions lol.
  11. The gun will not come out until you want it to come out. They snap in and out of the holsters. Granted the light bearing holsters dont have quite as much because most of the retention comes from the part of the holster molded around the trigger guard.
  12. gen4_G21

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    Sounds great!! Hope to put my request in ASAP..
    Any digital camo? Or something close?
  13. We don't stock it but if it's something you want and want to pay the extra cost of the material up front, we can order it. The only extra cost would be a few bucks difference in material from what we stock.
  14. gen4_G21

    gen4_G21 New Member

    Cool deal. Just bought that g19 and taking a trip next week. So probably hear in the next couple weeks I'll snag one up from you!

    I am not set on digital camo as of yet. Just want something that wouldn't be too noticeable if I were in a survival situation and didn't want to be noticed lol. (funny how I said that) the tan or ODgreen would probably work the same too.

    Is there somewhere I can look at all the different kydex?