NCSTAR Tactical 120 Lumen Flashlight and Laser Combo w/Quick Release Mount (AQPFLS)

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  1. Im getting ready to buy one for home defence just wondered if anyone on here has used one .Im getting it almost half off retail so i decided to get one , But has anyone had one or know of any issues OTHER THAN THE SLOPPY RAIL ISSUE. Thanks
  2. wsar10

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    I have a cheapo tac-light the same one you mentioned, it eats up batts quicker than a surefire but it works great. No real complaints, and it is definitely 120 lumens.......

  3. jln370

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    I would be concerned that the laser might not hold zero. NcStar optics are notorious for not holding zero with intermediate and large rounds.
  4. wsar10

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    I did not look up that model #. Mine does not have the laser, just a light and mine fits VERY tightly on my Glock rail.
    A sloppy fit would really defeat the purpose of a laser
  5. Well got it and installed it ill give a field test soon im kind of impressed with it so far on My G17 it dont have the sloppy rail issue must of had rail issues on other guns.