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  1. I'm bad with introductions so I'll get to the point. I just finished up my concealed carry class and paid off the Sheriff's Dept. You have to wait approx 60 days in NC before you are legal. Up until this point I've been a 1911 fan but I'm looking at G26 for my carry gun. Still up in the air about Gen 3 vs Gen 4. Looking forward to this forum.
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    I have a 30 gen 3 and a gen 4 19 both gens are great. Cant beat a glock no mater the gen!

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    My fiancé just got the gen 3 26 and it's a fine pistol to carry concealed. I have a gen 3 30 and it's my conceal choice. The gen 4 is great but the gen 3 may be easier to acquire upgrades for as it's been around longer. Either one you get will do the job just the same.

    BTW I like my maters with salt and pepper.....
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    The main advantage I see in the gen 4 is the mag release. I have a G 23 gen 3 an a G 35 gen 4 and love them both but the gen 4 is so much easier to hit the mag release on. Also the gen 4 has adjustable back straps so if you have small hands or very big hands the gen 4 would be a good choice. If the gen 3 feels good in your hand and you don't have a problem hitting the mag release, witch most people don't, then the gen 3 would be the way to. I do know that ( according to the Buds gun sales man) the gen 4 comes with an extra mag. My 35 did
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    I went with the gen 4 on my 23. The extra mag was nice and the mag release is a lot bigger which made it quicker to get to. Just my opinion.

    PS. Is that by chance popcorn I smell
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    Welcome to the forum, and I agree w/ the above statements, as long as it's glock you'll be alright :)
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    Welcome from FLorida
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    Welcome to the forum!!! Why don't you stay a while and hang out with us?
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    Welcome to the forum from Fayetteville, NC!
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum riptidesmate !!
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    Hello, riptidesmate, and WELCOME to the Forum!
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    It's good to see another Western NC Glocker!