My wife's new Glock 26 gen3

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by mckm/Glock36, Feb 29, 2012.

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  2. Webphisher

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    Nice, I may end up getting a G26 and G30 for GSSF shoots.
  3. Harley

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    Very nice. Are they being used for carry concealed?
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum mckm/Glock36
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    Very nice. Maybe you could give me some advice. I'm a woman and looking for a new conceal carry. I have a S&W 357 and love it. The trigger pull is an issue, not at range be in an emergency. I also have a sig p238 another one I love, but in this case the slide is difficult for me. I own a jewelry store and with the economy more people are desperate and I need to be a bit more causous. So, I'm looking for a small conceal with a short easy trigger pull. Heaven forbid I was ever in that situation, but if so it would be most likely more than one person. My accuracy isn't a problem but I need something quick and easy. Not one with a 10lbs trigger pull like my S&W Can anyone please give me some advice on what would be a good choice for me?
  6. mckm/Glock36

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    Not currently, we live in Illinois. They will both be used for cc when we move to Florida in the coming year :)
  7. mckm/Glock36

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    My wife tried out a kahr, Springfield xd, sig, and a few other pistols before ultimately deciding on the g26. The stock trigger on the glock I believe is 5.5 lbs (very easy pull ), also easy to change to a 3.5 lbs trigger if you wanted! As for as advice goes, I'd say go to a local range that rents out pistols so you could feel them out yourself. And yes hopefully you never have to be put in that situation, hope this helps.
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    I'm a petite female and conceal carry a G26 easily and comfortably. Trigger pull of 5.5lbs shouldn't be a concern. Just try to get used to it by shooting it often.
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    The fact that you admit you have trouble racking the slide on a semi-automatic makes me think you should stick with a revolver. You said you have a S&W .357 but didn't say which model it is but I'm assuming it's a revolver due to your comment on the difficulty you have pulling the trigger, so, yours must be a double action and that's what creates your problem. I have a S&W 686 SSR .357 MAG so I know what you mean.
    Recently I've been looking for a gun for my wife and she has some of the same restrictions you do, she's not strong at all.
    My suggestion for you is to find a range close to you that offers rentals, try out some of the S&W revolvers such as the "637", 638, and 642.
    Good Luck