My wife wants a Glock

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    Hey everyone,

    I hope I can get a little advice. My wife decided she wants a pistol at home since I'm working a lot of night shifts now. She has never had any interest in a gun until someone was knocking on the door at 1am last week and she panicked because she was home alone. I want something simple and reliable for her, as she is a newbie to firearms, so im most definitely going to go with a Glock. Plus, i get a nice LEO discount on Glock at the local shop. The problem is i dont know which model/caliber to go with. I currently carry a Glock 23 on duty, which she has shot once. She managed the recoil of the 40 ok but she said it felt a little big in her hand. I did have the medium back strap on it. She picked up a 27 at the shop the other day and said she didn't really like her pinky hanging off the grip. She never shot the subcompact though. So now were a little torn between the compact and subcompact. Also, should we go with the 9mm or the 40? She didn't complain about the 23's recoil but she never shot any other handguns so she has nothing to compare it to. I'd like to go with a 23 or 27 because I already have plenty of ammo and mags for the 40. (plus i wouldnt mind carrying the 27 off duty myself lol) Do you guys think the recoil is too much with the 27 for a woman? She's not weak but just doesn't have a lot of shooting experience. I'm not against a 9mm for her, I just don't know if there is that much difference in recoil that she would actually benefit from the smaller caliber.

    So the bottom line is the decision is down the the 26, 27, 19, and 23. Keep in mind she has no intentions of carrying the gun, just keeping it at home for SD.

    She's basically leaving it up to me as she has no idea what is better for her. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    She'll need to practice with it so you'll need to push that decision back to her. Since she'll be the one practicing with it, she's really have to be comfortable with it.

    I'd highly encourage you to take her to a LGS where she can try before she buys.

    If she doesn't like the "pinky" hang, then the subcompacts are probalby no good, even with the pinky extensions on the mag . Just thinking about recoil management too.

    IMHO, 9mm hollows loaded in a 19 without the backstrap might fight her fine. lining up followup shots with the less "snappy" recoil of the 9 would be easier.

    Since it's a home gun have you considered any of the "full" size models? or even the .45 ACP models?


  3. Personally I currently own the G26 after having traded in a G19 towards it. I've shot my friends G23 and didn't notice much difference in recoil honestly. Whichever caliber you choose I'd probably stay with the compact size pistols, G19 or G23, as they may benefit a woman in terms of lessening the recoil with the added weight.
  4. I'd let her try out a few for herself. Personally though, if I were going to buy one for her without letting her try it first I'd place my bets on a G19. Low recoil, just about the right size for a woman, plenty of ammo capacity, inexpensive 9x19mm ammo so she can practice a lot. JMHO, YMMV.
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    I'd be willing to bet that either the G26 or G27 with the pinky extension added to the mags would be perfect for her. My wife didn't like the 26 at first because she didn't like her pinky off either. Then we added the Pearce +0 pinky extension and now it fits her like a glove.

    Just a thought for ya.
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    I purchased a G27 Gen 4 about a month ago and a good friend of mine wife loves it.
    It has the pinky extension and it fits her perfect. She weighs about 110lbs soaking wet a small framed woman. She loves it so much that she purchased a 100 round box of WWB at Wal-Mart so she could shoot it and not feel bad about it. (That was her comment to me)
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    If you have a range that rents guns, I would suggest she go and try lots of different types - both Glocks and other brands. She needs to find the one she is comfortable with and mostly importantly one she will train with regularly.
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    +1 But ya'll knew I'd say that:p

    Really, and she has to learn how to handle herself as well as the gun, in different situations. Yea, that includes but not limited to taking a life.

    As much as I hate to say it, guns aren't for everyone BUT I AM HAPPY is is concerned about defending herself!;)
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    I have a Glock 19 gen 2 and would recommend a G19 gen 3 or 4 because 9mm is real nice for me and because of the rail. If she wants it for home protection get her a nice tactical light too. I wish I could add a tactical light on my gen 2.