My Thug Guns

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by 762X51, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. 762X51

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    Finally got around to painting my letters installing my 3.5lbs connector, stainless guide rod and did the .25$ trigger job. Just waiting on my sights putting truglo fiber optics on them both when they get here.

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  2. RRoss

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    Nice pair! Looks like you did a great job on that lettering.

  3. Graves

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    I change colors in my lettering every now and then. Sometimes I use red, sometimes green, but white still pops the best. I also agree with doing a trigger job. I did it to both of my G22's as well as the 3.5 connectors. I makes a big difference doesn't it? I would also recommend getting an extended slide catch lever, and maybe an extended mag release. Totally worth it!
  4. Eye_Peeled

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    It is the man that makes a gun a "thug gun"; not the gun itself. They look good though, whatever you call them.