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Household hardware Wood Coil spring Coil Gas

Coil Cylinder Gas Nickel Household hardware

The only difference I can see is there appears to be a washer at the front end, perhaps to provide better retention of the spring.
The numbers on the metal side are 0 4 2 from 9 o'clock position, counter clockwise to 3 o'clock position


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The muzzle end of the outer metal sleeve is also slightly reinforced. With the old version, the muzzle end of that sleeve could warp enough to hold the gun out of battery, preventing it from firing. They also added a little more plastic to the inside of the plastic muzzle cap to prevent the muzzle cap and spring from pinching the hole in the slide, which made field strip a little more difficult than it should be.

List of most current RSA versions:
(The newest sub-compact guide rods are similar to Gen4 guide rods, they have the same style outer sleeve and 0-8 on the base, but they don't have a metal washer at the muzzle end. There's nothing wrong with the old versions, they just wanted to consolidate their manufacturing processes.)
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