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  1. Took my G21 out today and put another 280 rounds threw it. A couple of the first time people that were there were a little startled when the .45 acp started going off. I over heard someone say what was that lol :D. Most of the people there today was shooting .22 and 9mm.

    On a side note, I have notice that if I don't hold tight enough I catch a casing to the forehead. Other then that the casing ejected fine.

    Just shot at 16 feet and 24 feet today. Each 8 inch target has 2 mags put threw them (26 rounds total) except for one of the 16 feet one on the far left only had one 13 round mag put threw it.


    She is a dirty little girl :p
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    Very nice man

  3. Thank you! The holes you see at the bottom of the target (in the orange area) were the ones that I anticipated the recoil to much, there for pushing the muzzle down to much.
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    Nice, i put 100 threw my G30sf today. man glock sure got that one right!!!
  5. Went to the rang again today (put another 330 rounds threw that bad boy) and was shooting these 8 inch targets at 24 feet for most of my time there, love these small little targets:


    So after awhile I was feeling good about my grouping so I went and got a large target size to see what I could do at 50 feet. Here are the results of my first attempt shooting at 50 feet with a G21 .45acp. 2 and a half mag (33 rounds) put threw it to finish the day off with. One mag aiming for the chest, one mag aiming for the head, and the last half mag was aiming for both. I think my grouping could be tighter but it would still have gotten the job done ;):



    So what do you guys think of my 50 feet shooting? Keep it honest cause that is the only way I am going to improve my shooting/grouping. :)

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    Not bad at all, I've seen people who can't even hit the target

    at half that distance...and we've all seen the ceiling tiles in our favorite

    indoor ranges...I mean " really ?! "
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    Just bought my G20 10mm - first time out at the range with her --- what an awesome gun!!!

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    Reloads sprayed a bit.....three clips of new 155 grain Hornady HP didn't.....25 yards.