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My Range Report & Photos

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This is my report today...Not Bad at all @ 25ft :D


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but-but-but-but....that's not a Glock (GASP!) :D

:( ok... Maybe Im in the wrong forum. Their Forum Sucks...
You gotta at least post a pic of your Glock, man!
You gotta at least post a pic of your Glock, man!

I guarantee you as soon as I get it you will be first one to see it just like I showed you my XDM.....Sorry that I dont have Glock that I can post a picture so everyone can see it. But this is my weapon of choice at this moment,I will carry it with pride. This weapon or any weapon will save me and my family from evil. Love the safety features on it especially with little ones running around my house. Not saying that I will leave my weapon laying around. Its locked all the time. It was my first handgun ever. Now that I feel more confident,then I can move on to other weapons as well. Like the G26 and a G30. Like I said Happysniper1...Maybe Im in the wrong forum. :D
No I dont Shooter13
That's OK Miguel...I understand the XDm's are great right out of the box too !!

What caliber is it...?
OK, Miguel....a G26 will not disappoint...and it don't cost that much!

(Just giving you a hard time)
Hmmm....I wonder what the bullet trajectory would be like if the target was real, and the bullets impacted on an AK...???

That's about the most solid part of an AK, with the bolt closed that is.

Any speculations? :confused:
Easy Miguel...we are just joking with you !!
Im here because I have gained great knowledge cuz of you guys. Since a kid I wanted a Glock. I will get a Glock. But after my cervical fusion,I'm no longer Employed. So times has changed for me and the family. We are not doin great......
No one wants to ban you Miguel. Please just tell us you didn't buy the compensated version. :D


Edit: Sorry to hear about your struggles.
a 9mm.......
Easy buddy...I didn't mean to upset you !!

Everyone here loves and respects you dude...!! are amongst friends !! OK ?
Find you a used 2nd gen trade in and get in the club! ;)

We'll keep ya around Miguel. At least you posted pics of your shooting! :D That we can accept!
I understand guys.....
Hey you are in like company here and here's why:
1. You own a gun!
2. You know how to use said gun!
3. You drive a Ford ;).
4. Your avatar is smiling all the time, we like that!
1 - 20 of 73 Posts
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