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  1. Well ladies and gentlemen, after shooting lots of Glocks and tireless nights of searching for the best deal I could find, I finally settled on my new toy. I went with a Glcok 17 Gen3 with custom Trijicon "i" night sights (gun was ordered custom for a buyer, turns out he didn't want to wait the entire time for it to come in, so I picked it up) for $619. I know its a little more than I wanted to spend, but good deal with the sights on it, they glow brighter than anything I've ever seen...... anyways, here are some pictures too, pardon the terrible quality, they are from my phone.

    P.S. I already ordered my chrome extended 4-piece kit, grip plug, and my Armorer's tool. :)

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  2. Argyle64

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    Congrats!!!! Shoot 'er up and enjoy her.

  3. Also, I have it loaded with my favorite defense round, ZombieMax!! :)

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  4. KeenansGarage

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    Purdy! Congrats on your new purchase!
  5. Thanks, Im VERY excited!
  6. btw, that pic does NOT do justice to how BRIGHT those sights really are.... plus the acquisition time with the I setup is insane!!! SUPER FAST!!
  7. bhale187

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    Did you buy extra mags or did it come with that mag? That's a gen4 mag
  8. I was just about to say that.
  9. came with 2 of those gen 4 mags
  10. same kind of sight as the ameriglo, but its not ameriglo, its got trijicon stamped on it
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    curious as to that being Glock shipping Gen3s with Gen4 mags now, or a dealer switch out.

    Nothing wrong with Gen4 mags in a gen3, just curious is all
  12. bhale187

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    yes, the ameriglo CAP has trijicon stamped on them
  13. They are Ameriglo's. I have Ameriglos that I bought new still in package and mine are stamped with Trijicon. The Ameriglo night sites are stamped with Trijicon because Ameriglo sends the sites to Trijicon for the tritium tubes to be installed, then they are sent back to Ameriglo to be sold.
  14. FYI......
  15. I was told by Smyna that the Gen4 mags are the only new ones being produced now. Since the Gen3 guns are still being made it's possible this is happening now.

    OP.....what is the test fire date on your gun?
  16. hmmm never knew that mike, thanks for the update lol, very interesting why they stamp them with the trijicon logo, but yeah wit hthe mags, thats all that is being produced now, and this gun was made in march of 2012, so brand new :) win for me
  17. test fire was 3-13-12
  18. Also found a beta mag for sale..... I would love that, but I dont think I would EVER drop 400 bucks on a mag lol
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    Congratulations!! Nice toy!!!