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My new off duty carry G30SF

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Decided I would share a pic of my new off duty EDC, she is a beauty, so glad I purchased this weapon!


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Very jealous of you sir. If Illinois allows CCW, this would be my weapon of choice.
Nice and congratulations!
What bullet do you use?
Very nice gun!
Fine choice. I love mine.
Welcome to the G30 Club my friend!
Blades said:
Nice and congratulations!
What bullet do you use?

I use Speer Gold Dot 230g
Very nice pistol. I have a 26 but may pick up a 30 sometime in the near future too.
Awesome and yes, welcome to the G30 club! My favorite pistol ever.
Very nice. I love my Speer Gold Dots.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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