My New Glock 43

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  1. I went back to a Glock 43 for EDC because of lighter weight and easy to conceal over my 43X, I still like my 43X and it shoots great but the 43 just fits me better to hide it on my body. phonto.JPG
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  2. mattm

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    yup, my 43 came ceracoted and with Hyve +2 mags...which I sometimes swap for 6 or 7 round mags when that little difference makes a difference.
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  3. MyKey

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    I love my 43 and have 3 mags with Hyve +2 and 4 with +1 extenders that are GFFS approved.
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  4. PaPow

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    I have a couple 43`s. I wont ever give them up.
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  5. I have one for a couple of years now. Surprisingly I shoot it well out to 25 yards. I carry it in the summer mostly, preferring my G27 for EDC.
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  6. j102

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    I had a G43 some time ago that I sold when the G43x came out. Well, I recently acquired another G43.
    I love carrying the G43x. It is an excellent gun. I like the longer grip and I like having 4 more rounds over the G43. But this time, I am going to keep the G43 for pocket carry.
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  7. PaPow

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    I went back to my 43 for a couple reasons. My 43X had constant feeding AND ejecting issues. After putting several hundred rounds thru it, i gave up and traded it off. The other thing i didnt like about the 43X was the lower end of the grip being longer, the mags stuck out of the grip to far and would dig into my hand while shooting it. And like you, my 43 concealed far better.

    Now, my 43 being down a couple rounds from what the 43X is, dosent concern me. If i cant get the job done with 8 rounds, 2 or 3 more rounds isnt going to matter all that much. If i need more rounds than i normally carry, then i`m somewhere i shouldnt have been to start with.
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  8. jhelper

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    Get a Sig P365, get your round count back to 10+1 and even smaller the the G43
  9. Hollow-Point

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    Good choice! My G43 is my EDC most of the year. When colder weather comes I run my G26.
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