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My new glock 26 exo!!!

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I just picked her up today. I love it!! I already had trijicon nights sights installed and took it to the range and let the lead fly:)


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Awesome Glock!
Very nice thanks for sharing the pic
Nice ! It look just like the 40. Caliber I used to have. I been searching for a Glock 32 though. But thats a nice handgun.
Congrats on the 26!
Thank you everyone! It shoots great. Its a very accurate gun. It took me a week to find it and i had to wait another 5 days for it to be shipped from colorado to new york. Needless to say i was sick of waiting. I couldnt be more pleased with it!
Nice gun! You don't see many of those around. :)
Sweet been thinking about sending my GEN 4 27 slide in to get the EXO treatment. Nice looking piece.
Looks great...good luck with it !
Welcome to the Glock Forum standoutboyzliljo !
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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