My new Gen 4 G19...

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  1. ...yes, looks like every other Gen 4 G19 but this one is mine [​IMG] My Gen 4 G19 and of course next to my EDC, my Gen 3 G19. I have 175 rounds for the range tonight, 100 rounds of WWB 115 gr, 50 rounds of 124gr American Eagle and 25 rounds of Speer Gold Dot 124+ p. My Gen 3 G19 has close to 3000 rounds through it with 3 FTF's (1 ammo related, 1 related to new spring, 1 unknown) but I did replace the stock extractor with an LWD after 600 rounds or so due to brass in the face. I rarely have any brass to the face now and probably 95+% goes where it is supposed with some erratic ejection. So I will report with my Gen 4 later on. I also have a Gen 3 G17 with about 500 rounds through it without issue so brass to face and FTF's hopefully shouldn't be limp wristing.


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    Congratulations on your new Gen 4 G19..

  3. rickjames

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    I'm jealous. they are all sold out of blue label 19s
  4. All my Glocks are Blue Label and all were just sitting in the back of the store.
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    Bunk22, congratulations and welcome to the forum.
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    Lucky Man. The two stores nearest to me are sold out of 19 gen 4
  7. So no issues, all good through it's first 177 rounds of 115gr, 124gr and 124 p+
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    I love the gen 4 19, wish I had one:(
    I just pretend my gen 4 26 is a big boy.