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My Growing Family of 9mm

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G17L Burris FastFireII red-dot reflex sight, SS Wolf threaded barrel, Wolf trigger stop, a 4.5 LB polished trigger and 24ct Gold inlay lettering. Excellent target pistol!

G19 Night Sights, polished trigger, AGrip, NcSTAR Green Laser and 24ct Gold inlay lettering.

G26 My baby, Big Dot front sight/stock rear, Wolf threaded barrel, AGrip, Tactical Base Pad, polished trigger and Silver lettering (paint).
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Nice photos...!!

Got any cans or muzzle breaks for those threaded barrels yet ?!
Why the threaded barrel on the little guy? I'm just asking. I almost bought a threaded barrel for my 35.
Very nice G17L! What dose the "L" stand for after the 17?
Long barrel. ITs a touch longer than the G34's barrel, but its not ported like the G34's barrel.
They all look good! Nice pics too!
Nice 9mm collection with great add-on's
Thanks guys....
I got the threaded barrel for the 26 at a great price, just to make it look different.
The "L" stands for long. It's just a little longer(slide)than a regular G17.
I have a muzzle break/compensator ordered for the 17L
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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