When I think about my Glock, I think not only about my Glock, but my connection to it. You see, it's almost as if my Glock has become a part of me.

I therefore carry my Glock as responsibly as possible. I gladly accept the responsibility of a concealed weapons license holder, knowing that there can only be responsibility when I carry my Glock. I dare not shame the name of Glock by carrying irresponsibly, or by letting passions dictate my behavior rather than my brain initiating my actions.

So I came up with a creed ((Based on Major General William H. Rupertus's famous Rifleman's Creed, which is a part of basic United States Marine Corps doctrine) that I liked. I hope that you will understand it, and that if you like it, adopt it as your own.

Here goes!

This is my Glock. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
I carry the power of life and death.
I will not be jealous of others.
I will defeat paranoia with knowledge.
I will remain vigilant and prepared.
I will defeat anger and hatred with love and respect.
I don't care if everyone sees things my way.
I am not God's gift to the world.

I will think before I act.
I will become a warrior by first conquering myself.
I will defeat stress through relaxation before it defeats me.
I will control anger with self-control before it controls me.
I will not mix alcohol and firearms.
I will love my country by obeying its rules.
I will not threaten.
I will only use my weapon to defend myself and those I love.
I will avoid situations that might escalate.
I may be the only gun owner that others get to talk to. I will make their first impression one of honor and responsibility.
This is my Glock. There are many like it, but this one is mine.