My Gen 3 Glock 17..

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by Hppowdercoatings, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Couple Pics of my glock 17 after i refinished it with some Cerakote OD green..

  2. KeenansGarage

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    that looks great! I like the green inset on the handle.

  3. cbrannG23

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    Nice I like the green
  4. Well done be interested in how it holds up
  5. MikeV826

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    Looks awesome. The grip is the bread and butter
  6. New Pic..

    Thanks guys..

    Here's a new pic with the Tactical flashlight & the new 33rd Mag..

  7. SHOOTER13

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    Very nice...been in business long Hppowdercoatings ?

    Is Cerakote your only medium...?
  8. Thanks..

    I have been at it about 8 Years... Mostly Powdercoating & Ceramic coatings.
    But i have been into Cerakote/Gun coatings 2-3 Years..