My G35 open gun

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  1. 40caljim

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    Well this is my baby right here. Glock 35, .40 cal, Lone Wolf threaded barrel, Jager Prod compensator, 2lb Glock Worx trigger, stainless guide rod with Wolf brand uncaptured spring, mag well, extented mags, topped off with a C-More STS red dot sight. This little jewel is a shooter. Been shooting local USPSA matches with it all year and having a blast.

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  2. KeenansGarage

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    Looks good! Any plans to enhance the grip?

  3. rivalarrival

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    What's the silver-looking thing on the back end of the slide?
  4. 40caljim

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    My G35

    Am considering the grip tape sold by the Glock store. I have seen several that were stippled but that permanently changes the grip and I always want to be able to return it to stock form if needed.
  5. 40caljim

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    My G35

    Thats a cocking handle, makes it easier to rack the slide when loading or clearing a malfunction. Its hard to do with the STS sight, this way all I have to do is hook that little handle with my left hand and she's back in battery and ready to rock & roll.
  6. rivalarrival

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    Huh. I think I just figured out how to get my GF hooked on automatics. She doesn't have the hand strength to reliably rack the slide normally. Thanks!
  7. 40caljim

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    The handle is an ATI Tactical cocking handle. I got it off of
    ATI Tactical Reloading - Cocking - Charging Handle For Glock Pistols 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 by ATI
    Just go to Amazon and search glock parts or "ATI Tactical" and you will find them. They are $29.95.
    There is ALOT of cool Glock stuff on Amazon.
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  8. Glock-Guy

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    Oh I thought I was the only one that gets most of my Glock stuff off amazon!

    Amazon is badass...I order at least 1-2 things from there a week for various stuff. I paid for amazon prime and most of the things I order get to me within 48 hours free shipping and no sales tax....I think over the last year I actually bought maybe 2-3 things paying retail price in a store and everything else was from Amazon! We saved at least $200 on tax alone this year buy using amazon for every single Xmas present...I LOVE that company!!
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    I had that problem as well. :) Another suggestion is to get her a pair of hand grips from the workout equipment section of the sporting goods store, Wally World, etc. If she will do 3 sets every night I would bet within a month she can rack the slide. Worked great for me.
  11. No need to change the grip except the beaver tail hes already got on there :)
  12. Just bought a 35 about 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions on mods? I want new sights, any suggestions on sights?
  13. Dstroyr

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    NICE !! I have a 20 -10mm with a Glock 6" barrel & just installed a Rocket 3.5 in it and the 20C. I will have to have the barrel threaded but I'm looking into putting a compensator on the longer barrel then better optics. Good job on your 35. I have my work cut out but I see where to go with it.

  14. drop_point2690

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    I'm using a set of Dawson precision sights on my 35 and love them... No complaints what so ever
  15. This is a G35 Open Division Glock. Not finished yet

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  16. dutchs

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    That's beautiful!! Wild and futuristic looking!!
  17. VIS34

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    any drawing from your gun as SolidWork, CATIA, Autocad files format?
  18. Danzig

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    Who knew Darth Vader had a gun?

  19. rickloriwright

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    ...try some grip tape on the sides of the slide where the fingers and palm contact - that took care of the slippage my wife was experiencing racking the slide of her G19, and also her Taurus TCP like a charm!!
  20. 40caljim

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    The cocking lever is very easy to operate. For competition it is really handy. When you do have a misfire or malfunction, the gun does not need to leave your line of sight, just reach up with the support hand and rack it back and keep on shooting.