My G27OD with CCR Cera-Plate II slide finish

Discussion in 'Glock Photos' started by voyager4520, Feb 13, 2012.

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    I'm not very good at taking pictures but these are the best I have. It's a nickel boron finish, and it looks a little bit darker in person than it appears in these pictures.


    This G27 had a test-fire date in 2009 and came with a rough/matte black slide finish instead of Glock's traditional shiny black slide finish. The original finish on this slide was not very durable at all, it scratched and wore down quite easily. I also found some very light surface rust in the slide's internal areas after only one year of owning it. At first I wanted to get it refinished in a black finish but since this was my carry gun I wanted the most durable and corrosion resistant finish I could get, plus OD/nickel looks pretty nice.

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    That looks very good. It came out great, I love a OD frame.

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    Well I think it's a good look...congrats !
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    That looks sick, how much did the Nickel Boron coating run you?
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    Edit: I just got the CC bill and it was just under $111. So it looks it was the stated price on their website, $98 for a handgun slide, along with ~$13 for return shipping and the insurance I requested.

    I sent the slide stripped of all parts except the firing pin channel liner, apparently they removed the channel liner before plating and replaced it with a new one afterward. I've heard other people say they sent the fully assembled slide and the company stripped the slide, plated it, and reassembled. They say on their website that they can't guarantee they'll be able to remove and reinstall loctited sights without damaging them.
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    Where did u have this done at?
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    I sent it to CCR Refinishing in Greeneville Tennessee. I called them first just to see if I had to make any arrangement with them over the phone, they said to simply pack the slide in a box with a Work Order form printed from their website. I stripped the slide of parts besides the firing pin channel liner, and I removed the factory plastic sights because I was going to install factory steel sights when it got back anyways. I simply wrapped the slide in bubble wrap, put the filled out Work Order form in the box, and shipped it with insurance.

    They should be able to remove and reinstall factory sights just fine as long as the front sight is the screw-on type. The older factory front sight was a stake-on version that could not be reused. They also say if it has aftermarket sights that have been installed with loctite, they can't guarantee that they'll be able to remove and reinstall them without damaging them.
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