My G26 IWB and a XD Tactical IWB

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  1. The G26 is my EDC.
    (yes, I know PACEM is spelled wrong, didn't have enough room)

    And this is for the XD Full size Tactical for a buddy of mine.

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    Wait, did you make these?
  3. Yes sir. The one for the Glock was my first one about 6 months ago..... The XD was just last week. I also just made a shoot-thru holster for a revolver...Smith & Wesson J Frame.
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    so when to you start selling and how much for one for a G23
  7. I hadn't really thought about selling them yet. I have only made 7 so far. Normally I make Motorcycle Saddles..... However, that side business has slowed WAY DOWN since the ecconomy has slid off the road, off a cliff and exploded in a huge fireball. I am picking up some Kydex next week and going to try my hand at a crossbreed style. If ANYONE has any ideas, please let me know. I am always willing to try to make something new or improve an existing idea.

    Right now I am making an ankle rig for my G26.... Should be done by next weekend.

    Future works will be something for my G19.

    BTW - I also have the ONLY wallet holster, (to my knowledge), for the Ruger LCP WITH laser......and can activate laser with holster...... I will try and get some pics up soon of these other monstrosities....
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    cant wait to see pics of the crossbreed
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    Nice work, I enjoy making my own holsters also.