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    Here are a few pics of my G20-SF that I picked up about a year ago, (RUS prefix):




    I've added Trijicon Bright and Tough green/green night sights, a rubber texture Talon Grip, and a 6" Glock Hunter barrel, (installed in 2/3 of the pics).

    Also pictured are Underwood Ammunition's 135gr Nosler JHP rnds. They fly at ~1600 fps from a standard 4.6" barrel.

    For pure performance in a service caliber that you can reasonably carry every day, you can't beat full-power 10mm. :cool:
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    Very nice pics !!

  3. Blades

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    Nice pictures!
    1600 fps!! SWEET!
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    Awesome, that makes me want trick out my G-20 :D