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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by RRoss, Jun 1, 2012.

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    Glock 26 Gen4 My one and only Glock and CC.
    My wife and I headed off to the local indoor range today for the first time in a month :( but since our budget is so tight, we have to limit our shooting to about 50 rnds each. Enough to say we got our range time in but not enough that it'll break the bank. That being said, I decided to try and focus on my marksmanship and my recoil compensation. I bought a 5 pack of snap caps and mixed a few into a couple magazines worth of ammo. The idea is when I get to the snap cap, if I'm compensating then It'll show when it goes "click" instead of "bang." Here's the result (#1)

    Next I wanted to focus on my real life situation shooting. I reloaded my last 2 magazines with ammo (10 rnds & 13 rnds) and started shooting with both hands on the grip. After 7 rounds on the second mag I dropped my support hand and shot with my strong side (left) hand for the remaining 6 shots. Here are the results:


    Both targets were 15-17 feet out (hard to tell with the system they have at the range)
    This was my best trip yet and I'm starting to appreciate the "quality over quantity" mantra that some instructors preach.
    Any input on the results both negative and positive are appreciated.
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    Looking good Ross. There is definitely quality over quantity in practice time. I try to only use one box in an hour of range time myself. I work a lot on the whole muscle memory thing when I'm there.

  3. Nice shooting, RRoss! You got the right approach to range time: quality is far, far more important than quantity. See people who visit the range 3 or 4 times a week, shoot hundreds of rounds each visit, and can barely keep rounds on paper never mind in the center of it. Best way to learn is slow down and take your time with it, pausing to see if you're doing something wrong or if it's working. Looks like you're doing right!
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    Nice shooting. I am just a beginner and am trying to keep the quality vs quantity in mind. I need to work on slowing down and really analyzing what I am doing. I think you have a great approach.
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    Good job at the range. Remember your grip. Most people, even advanced shooters forget, to focus on your grip. If you find yourself "re-gripping" after every shot or every other shot you need to get a better grip and/or grip harder with both hands. This will help control recoil and help produce tighter groupings. The snap cap drills are great especially if practicing malfunction drills. "Tap, rack, ready"
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    Thanks for the tip. I don't ever recall readjusting my grip between shots. The only change in grip came when I changed from 2 hand to 1. Someone gave me the tip to push forward with my trigger hand and pull back while squeezing with my support hand. The technique seems to be working pretty well for me so far. I'm sure a private lesson or two might not hurt either.
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    Good job...and I like the new avatar !!