My first AR-15

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by Shep482, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Shep482

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    Ok I lied a couple months ago when I said I had purchased my last gun of the year. It was my intent at the time. But wellll... The AR bug had been calling me for awhile and I was reading about this AR and I thought " I'll just go LOOK at one if they have it.". They did and I held it and .. well here it is. Sig Sauer M400 with Magpul furniture.



    Now I need magazines and ammo.

    My name is Shep482 and I am a gunaholic.
  2. G17XJ_BS

    G17XJ_BS New Member

    Good looking AR, I like!!

  3. Argyle64

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  4. Glocku

    Glocku No warning shots here

    That's nice I was at my local Walmart picking up some ammo and they had the same one for sale in the case. I really like the od green and black look of that ar. If u don't mind me asking but how much did u come out of pocket for that sweet shooter?
  5. Shep482

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    I hate saying because someone can always find one cheaper but in hand right now, no ordering or waiting is worth it to me. 999.99 +tax so 1076$ something like that
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  6. Glocku

    Glocku No warning shots here

    Nice well worth it in my opinion. As far as you saying you was done with buying any more guns until you seen this one. I'm in the same boat. But hey what's one more going to hurt any. I'm with you " my name is Glocku and I'm a gunaholic"
  7. william488

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    my laptop hates me because I'm drooling all over it. lol. I work at Walmart, and been going every week to hold the AR there, trying to talk my self to owing my credit card company more money. Today, at the pawn shop near my place, they had a Mossberg 715T, .22LR, expandable stock...$275.00....OBO. Went in today to hold it and look at it. Really good condition. thinking of offering them 225.00 for it and going from there. I shot one before and they are fun little shooters. Im thinking of getting the mossberg for playing with alot and maybe Christmas time, or tax time getting the AR. choices choices. Plus my daughter could shoot the mossberg comfortably.

    But enough of me and my choices, grats on a good looking AR.
  8. Two-Guns

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    Wow that looks sweet man.
  9. dutchs

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    Very nice Shep!! Liking the Ar's more and more!!!!
  10. Happysniper1

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    That is one handsome rifle there, Shep.

    Congratulations on your purchase!
  11. dslmac2

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    CoNGraTs you lying gunaholic.
    Looks sweet.