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  1. sbg2340

    sbg2340 New Member

    My every day carry a GLOCK 23 .40cal , I carry extra mags on the weekend.
    Remember the KISS rule, "Keep It Simple Stupid "
    Remember the five items you never leave home without
    1. the pistol of your choice w/ extra mags.
    2. A very powerful light source.
    3. A cutting tool such as a folding knife.
    4. Your driver license / or some form of picture ID.
    5. Your " Lincense To Carry Handgun state Of Indiana. " (permit ), in other state's it might be a CCW.

  2. big mo

    big mo New Member

    Do you like the 23 better than the 19? I have a 22 duty but I carry 27 off duty. Looking to get a 19 & 23.

  3. tagman078

    tagman078 New Member

    I have a 19 4th GEN, it's great! Just the right size, I don't even know its there half of the time, you can have it right on your hip and unless people are looking for the lump they will never know you have it!!
  4. mike222

    mike222 New Member

    I have a G26 and love it!
    You guys should check out its pretty cool you can post videos and pics of your EDC.
    I think the G26 is the best EDC gun just in MHO.
  5. Same here, G22 on duty carry and a G27 for off duty.
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  6. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Glockn Rollin

    I love my Glock 23, took some getting used to, and I had to experiment with different positions, but I finally got it where it is concealed properly on my body. I carry it with me everyday.
  7. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum Mike222 and tagman078 !!
  8. bugsdaddy30

    bugsdaddy30 New Member

    I have to agree. I carry my G26 all the time and it's just right. It's not to heavy and not to thick.

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    Thats a good looking set up. I like it simple.
  10. SnarkKnuckle

    SnarkKnuckle New Member

    Currently mine isn't a Glock at all. I currently carry an STI Escort. I am looking at getting a G27 and giving it a try.
  11. mwdenko

    mwdenko New Member

    Currently I go between my 17 and my XDm 45
    I need to find a better holster for my 17. It prints a bit too much.

    I use a Blackhawk Serpa level 2 for my 17. I use the paddle holster that came with the XDm.
  12. Zecpull

    Zecpull New Member

    I am hoping when you say you carry Extra mags you don't Really carry 7 spare mags.? I can support an extra mag in case of a failure. it is easier to drop a mag and replace than mess with it. But there is no way anyone would ever need to carry 7. I teach CCW..and I have followed a lot of CCW trainers.. So I was just wondering. I Like my Glock 19. and I have a Raven, and love it, they are so light and thin. I Own and shoot a Lot of Sigs.. but the 19 is a nice go to gun.
  13. PurpleZJ

    PurpleZJ New Member

    RIA 2011 Tactical with rail. depending on what I wear it doesnt print too bad with my crossbreed supertuck. but i may look into something smaller for EDC in the future
  14. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    Likewise! G26 gen3, 3 extra mags with Pearce +2 extensions all day. Just the right weight, just the right punch with 147gr HP's, just the right geometry and feel to fit my hand.
  15. GlockDoctor

    GlockDoctor New Member

    I carry a 23 everywhere I go. Just got a Crossbreed IWB holster a couple of weeks ago, and I love it. It's very comfortable and I can tuck in my shirt if I want to. I had been considering a 27 until I got this holster. I think I'll stick with the 23 for the size of the grip and the 13+1 capacity.
  16. Anthony1183

    Anthony1183 New Member

    My every day carry is a Glock 19. I always carry an extra magazine, a surefire light, and a ken onion folding knife.

    Depending on what I am wearing, I will also carry my Sig P238 with extended magazines as a back up.
  17. glock fu master

    glock fu master Junior Member

    2nd gen, fobus holsters, 15 rnd drop free factory mags, 46 rnds 180 gr hydrashocks, emerson cqc-7, gerber FAST (it is), 6 volt, 1 oz, silver coin for good luck. the cat's foot is attached to the cat. i don't know why she always wants to be in pictures.....:D

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  18. digitaldon1

    digitaldon1 New Member

    I carry my 19 everyday all day with a surefire light and SOG folder. I don't usually carry any extra mags on my person because I live in Florida and wear shorts daily. I do however keep an extra mag in my car Bug out bag, my glove compartment, my laptop bag and at my office desk.
    My 19 sits next to my nightstand and I have a G17 with an extended magazine and a surefire light as my other home defense gun. I assume i can fight my way to the safe with these.

    Than It's on! :)

    My G34 is my Tactical gun that i run IDPA and my tactical training with. I have many others, but Glocks are my favorite Hammers. I use 9mm and .45 and do not play the best caliber game. I figure 16 to 20 rounds of 124 grain gold dot will stop most anything I need it to.


  19. Glocks

    Glocks Junior Member

    Glock 22 duty, Glock 19 off. Love my 19! I'm thinking my next Glock will be a 23.
  20. bfish

    bfish Member

    My edc is a glock 27 and depending on where I'm going and what im wearing an extra mag too... But for home defense it is the ever effective and most trusted 12gage:)