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  1. sbg2340

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    My every day carry a GLOCK 23 .40cal , I carry extra mags on the weekend.
    Remember the KISS rule, "Keep It Simple Stupid "
    Remember the five items you never leave home without
    1. the pistol of your choice w/ extra mags.
    2. A very powerful light source.
    3. A cutting tool such as a folding knife.
    4. Your driver license / or some form of picture ID.
    5. Your " Lincense To Carry Handgun state Of Indiana. " (permit ), in other state's it might be a CCW.

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  2. kj4963

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    Nice, i just picked up my G23 a couple of weeks ago. Still have not shot it yet:(

  3. wsar10

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    shame on you!!!!

    I hope you have at least practiced technic and dry fired it a million times !
  4. DVCguns

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    6. Method to make fire.
  5. andrewanderson

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    That is alot of stuff to carry.
  6. TxShooter

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    What flashlight is that?
  7. I carry the 23 also but i only carry one extra mag,that's a lot of mags to be carrying,why so many??hope you know what's behind your precieved threat with that much lead going down range,cops dont even carry that much
  8. sbg2340

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    Well the extra 5 mags I carry on the weekend are the ones I use on the range, as a range officer you need the extra rounds, what I carry every day are the two in the mag carrier.
  9. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    G26, 10+1, 17, 17, Blackhawk Serpa Sportster
    TCP (Taurus PT738), 6+1, 6, Uncle Mikes ankle holster
    Genesis Delta 230 light (light output is overkill for defense use, but I need it for an inspection light on my job.)
    Leatherman Surge w/ bit kit and bit extension
    T.H.E. wallet with ID and debit cards
    Piezo ignition butane lighter (even though I don't smoke - comes in handy quite frequently)
    Mytouch 4G slide, 2 extra batteries

    Work boots, thermal underwear, several thin layers, none thicker than a sweatshirt, fingerless work gloves,

    I've got all sorts of first aid, survival, and recovery equipment in my work bag and jeep, or I'd add a "urban survival kit" with needle and thread, bandaids, alcohol swabs, single use superglue tubes, etc.
  10. ca survivor

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    Great choice, a Glock 23 was my EDC for about eight years.
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