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    2gen g23c, 3rd gen g30, 3rg gen g27 and a sig sauer p238hd

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    DTOWNREX New Member

    I personally polished all of the G23C my self. took me about 20 hours total to get it to where it is right now and im still lacking the night sights. i am waiting to find a good deal on some trijicons so that i can polish those aswell.

    takes alot of time when sanding by hand and polishing with a small dremel.
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  3. KeenansGarage

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    Thats one bright slide! Looks good. Nice collection.

    DTOWNREX New Member

    thanks! i need some sights for it but im waiting for tax season to get here so i can purchase a glock front and rear sight tool and some trijicon night sights.
  5. ashecht

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    Looks great but don't you get some serious glare off the polished slide?
  6. Night Sights for Factory Compensated Glocks

    Before spending your hard earned cash on fancy night sights for factory-compensated Glocks, consider this;
    Based on personal experience, the gun powder and lead exhaust from the porting will eventually obscure the front sight. You are better off purchasing a rail-mounted light.:cool:
  7. three of the most beautiful "ladies" I have seen in a while. Nice job!!
  8. Boracay

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    I need to borrow your G23C to floss my teeth!!! hehe j/k..

    Super bright! Nice job.
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    Hrm... i can't decide if i like that polished look. I'd imagine that if you had a scenario during daylight hours, and you weren't wearing shades... wouldn't you have problems trying to acquire target with sun glare? i don't know. Flat black for me i think.
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    I only own the one Glock. I can do everything I need to do with it so I don't see me buying any other models.

    The High Point is a JCP 40 cal. Its my kick around don't care what happens to it gun, all though I'm careful with it because regardless of how inexpensive it was its reliable. I crawl under fences while hunting with it and don't have to worry about an $ gun getting accidentally hurt.

    The Ruger P944TH is a 40 also. I bought it to help a family member out. I liked it because I was raised with a Revolver and the set up reminded me of one, the first pull having the hammer coming back. It was nicer after that sense it was only the short pull because of the hammer staying back.

    The Jennings 22 was a gift from my dad. Its a lot of fun to shoot. I'll use it for a training tool for my wife, daughters and grand-kids when they decide to shoot. My wife and daughters have their CCW to allow them to carry stun guns, but they did mention learning how to shoot.

    The Ruger LCR is a 38, it was my first CCW gun. I tried it IWB but just couldn't get comfortable with it, now its on the ankle when I can't use a cover shirt with my Glock!

    The MKIII is a 22, it will be the next gun I allow my family to learn how to shoot.

    And the Glock, what can I say its the perfect CCW gun sense I can't stand IWB. It hides in my Safariland holster under any cover I use, and its still legal in my state to have in the field while hunting as well.
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  11. irishthunder50

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    Well if we are gonna post pictures of our handgun collections I figure I'll post up mine.

    S&W 22A .22LR- Baught it for target practice and squirrel hunting. Its the bull barreled model but it has a large fiber optic sight that i dont care for for punching groups. Have plans to mount a pistol scope when i get back from deployment.

    Heritage Rough Ryder 22LR/22Mag- Baught it for cheap plinking. Got it for 150bucks so i figured why not. Its a fixed sighted model and I havent ever punched paper with it so no idea how accurate it it but it sure is fun to fan all six cylinders into cactus and water coolers lol.

    Kel-Tec P3AT .380- Baught this for CCW. I always have it in a Desantis Pocket holster. Great gun that never gets left behind. Had a few problems with the extractor in the first hundred rounds but since then it has proven to be reliable as long as it is kept clean. Lookin to replace it eventually with a S&W 642

    Beretta 92FS 9mm- Got a pretty decent deal on this a couple years ago of JGSales. Was a police trade in and got it right at $350. Im a small arms repairmen in the army so it just made sense to own one since i know how to repair them. Right now while Im deployed it pulls nightstand duty for the wife as a Home defense gun. with 15 rounds of Winchester Ranger and Crimson Trace laser grips I dont have to worry about much while im gone lol.

    Glock 23 .40S&W- Baught this as my first concealed carry gun. Got it from the onpost exchange for a great price. Came with the glock factory night sights installed. I tried the laser grips on it but didnt care for them as the made the grip too bulky for my hand.

    Rock Island 3.5in officers model .45ACP- Picked this up for a song. I love 1911s and I plan on carrying it occasinally whenever I get night sights for it. Very accurate gun.

    Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 .45ACP- Just love the 1911 platform and springfield is a great company. I carry this alot of time when Im hog hunting or just walkin around my In-Laws property. Had a few problems with Failure to feeds but that worked itself out after around 300 rounds. Even feeds hollow points with ease now.

    Rossi 461 .357 Mag- Traded a buddy at work a old mosin nagant for this one. It is very accurate but too large for pocket carry. I have carried it a few times IWB.

    Taurus Judge .45LC/.410- Real fun gun for plinking. Carry it when I am fishing the inlaws property in the spring/summer time for copperheads and cottonmouths. Have taken a few rabbits with it and my grandfather is using it as a car gun while I am deployed.

    Taurus 44 .44Mag- Got it to try my hand at handgun hunting. Having killed any animals with it yet but it is definately one of my favorite guns to shoot. Expensive though.


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    My G22 and G17

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  13. bhale187

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    Daily carry G22
    Backup Keltac P3AT
    Off Duty G27
  14. Glock19

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    What are the best loads (price quality etc.) for that G36?
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  15. iGlock

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    Old to recent...

    Hi point 45
    G23 Gen3
    G27 Gen3
    SA 1911
    G30 Gen3
    RIA M5 12g

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    My Glock collection - 21,36 & 17

  17. jimmyalbrecht

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    He also has three other guns he can carry haha.
  18. image-2055354522.jpg

    Mine and my wifes collection. Mossberg 12ga pistol grip shotgun, Mossberg 410 pistol grip shotgun, Kel-tec .380, S&W M&P AR15-22, Ruger SR22, Ruger P95, and Glock 35. Also, I have a Remington 30-06 rifle not pictured.