My Birthday gift to me! XDM-9 3.8 9mm

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by MiguelAngel, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. You're going to looooooove the XDM trigger. If you dry fire a lot it wouldn't hurt to have extra striker retainer pins handy. I've broken two.

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    Happy belated birthday! Nice present!
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  4. MiguelAngel

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    Thanks guys! Went to the range today for my birthday and I cant believe how fast you go thru ammo. Or was it the excitement?!?!? Haha I love it. Had a great day.
  5. MiguelAngel

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    That trigger is niiiiiiiiiiice :)
  6. MiguelAngel

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    Hey! Where can I buy big amounts of ammo online?? 1000rds plus reasonable price
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    Happy birthday brother!
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    Check out Midwayusa
  9. MiguelAngel

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    Thanks Tillerman!!
  10. MiguelAngel

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    Thanks iGlock...I'll check it out.
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    No problem buddy and happy birthday. Dont have too much fun with that xdm :)
  12. Got an XDM .40, solid firearm, congrats man
  13. MiguelAngel

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    Thanks bryanbrescia!! It is a solid piece. Looking toward owning a solid .40 XDM
  14. MiguelAngel

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    Toooooooooo much fun! Haha
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    Happy Birthday, Miguel!

    Congratulations on your new purchase, she's real pretty!

    Here are some places you can check out for bulk ammo:

    Or, you can start looking into reloading as a means of supporting your addition! :D
  16. Check you local Walmart for Federal Premium 9mm. Buy the time you buy 5-10 boxes{100 count} it's just about the same price as any bulk seller before shipping.
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    Funny thing! Local business, Blain's farm and fleet had Federal 50rnds for 8 dollars!!!!! Sale ends today. Everything was gone! So ended up going to my local Walmart and ended up buying Remington. I know that they cheap ammo. But for the range ?Value pack 250rnds for $53 so bought me to 2 boxes. I did round up how much I will be spending even if I buy online. I will be spending about the same anyways. Gender Mountain rips you a new one checked that place out and they had the Blazer's 350 for $100!!!! 9MM!!!!!! LOL so it seems like Walmart and Blains would be my spot in Milwaukee. Cabelas is 45minutes from where Im at. Gas prices gone up?!?!?!? Haha Ill stick with Walmart.
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  18. The online bulk sellers just simply aren't worth it by the time you pay shipping unless you live in a area that doesn't sell a lot of bullets.