My Arkansas adventure

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    Well I'm on day 4 of a 2 week vacation near mountain home, Arkansas and I'll be entering in a idpa and a uspsa competition for the wounded warrior foundation this Saturday. Today I went to the Bass pro shops world headquarters which I highly recommend to anyone near springfield mo. Tomorrow I'm going fishing and kayaking I think I'm well on my way to one of the best vacations I've had in a long time. Sorry to brag to everyone punching the clock tomorrow!

    -not so angry Dave

    Ps you Florida boys don't forget our meet on July 14th
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    Sounds like a real nice time. Live it up, that's what it's for.

  3. When you work hard you deserve to play hard!

    The title says it all...Enjoy yourself, be safe, and shoot well tomorrow! We expect to see pictures!
  4. Have fun in our State of Arkansas.....
  5. We live in Texas, but last October in the last week we vacationed in our RV in Arkansas. Absolutely beautiful state!! We stayed at Crater of Diamonds State Park, Lake Catherine S.P and we drove up to Mount Magazine!! One of the most beautiful FALL COLOR drives we have taken. HAVE FUN!!
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    Just shot my first pistol comp it was a idpa event with all the proceeds going to the wounded warrior foundation, I had a blast I am officially hooked and for anyone that has been thinking about it I strongly suggest it I had so much fun. I'm worried that a regular range trip shooting at paper is going to be very boring!
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    If you go through Little Rock, look up Bullseye Gun & Ammo, they are worth the stop!