My 9 y/o an dry firing drills

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  1. I'm proud of her. She is nine and spent a while doing dry firing drills with my new G34 in the house tonight.


    It looks like her head is turned but her pony tail is on the right side of her head.

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    Nothing like starting them with the 4 rules & competency at a young age. My 8 year old is pretty good with his Walther P22 & insists that he's ready for a 9mm.

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    Congratulations, Target, Good Dad medal for you!

    I have 2 girls (now grown, more or less ;)), started them early, too (at ages 7 and 11)!

    Once they have grip, stance, sight picture, trigger control down pat, all you need to teach them functionally is recoil management! Good Job, Dad!
  4. Congratulations buddy on starting them early!
  5. BIG thumbs-up from me!!!
  6. Thanks all. She is quite competent with our Buck-Mark .22 and has even shot good groups with the AR.

    I started at 6 and strongly believe that early education and training is important. It also takes the mystery away from firearms, so I've never had a worry when any of my kids are home alone with them. My oldest just turned 22 and she did ok, and my two boys are rock solid responsible, and pretty decent shooters as well.

    What is cool is the youngest (pictured here with the 34), can explain the gas operation of an auto loading weapon and knows exactly how to clear a weapon and make it safe before handing it over to anyone.
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    I agree, early and young education of proper safety measures and shooting techniques is a must... I have a lot of respect for people who take the time to teach and enjoy proper shooting with their family... Sometimes I think it's a lost practice but it's incidents like this that reassure that there are people out there who care and are willing to do what is needed to have a favorable and safe shooting experience with their loved ones... Thank you for teaching proper values to your daughter and I hope she also passes them onto her friends and eventually her children someday :)
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    Just as a sidenote, my youngest (now 19) also shoots (competition rifle)....did my first IDPA match early in Feb, have my next match in just over a week. She tells me, "Daddy, I won't let you go to your next match unless you bring me with you!" :D Have had her practicing speed and accuracy shots at the range on my '26, which she will shoot at the next IDPA match.

    Again, Target, good job!
  9. That's awesome Happy, and well said ny, thank you.
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    Well done are never too young to learn fundamentals !!
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    Heres a pic for you all out there. So true too...

    Me and my son lol when he gets to the proper age.

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    ^^^ This! Very true
  13. So true. I could pronounce Hoppes correctly before I could pronounce my 3rd grade teacher's last name correctly.
  14. Some more kids and guns.

    Here's a few of when I took my kids to an NRA safety class.

    My oldest. 15 at the time.


    Eldest son. 14 at the time.


    My youngest son. 13 at the time.


    And the baby of the family. 9 at the time. She doesn't like the loud noise. :D