Multiple firearms on range day

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  1. Woodsman70

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    I would like to know if I'm the only one who has to carry an armload of firearms out to the range because only one wouldn't do. I like to shoot a variety when I go out.
  2. ronnie948

    ronnie948 Active Member

    I always take a long gun and a pistol that use the same ammo.
    Except for my AR-15 5.56/223 ((I got no handgun for this ammo))


    DANCER4LIFE Senior Darkside Dweller Staff Member Lifetime Supporting Member

    I always do as well. 20140714_101620_Android.jpg My last range day.

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  4. ronnie948

    ronnie948 Active Member

    OMG, Mister dancer4life,
    Why do you own all of those scary looking guns, Hillary and Obama said that nobody really needs more then one gun. And you have those really long clips full of """WAY TO MANY BULLETS"""
    Ha! Ha! Ha!,
    Just kidding, A nice collection and thanks for showing.
    I just bought a sub 2000 that uses Glock 19 magazines and I have two of the 30 round happy sticks. I also have a 995 9mm.
    AR-15 and an AK 47 that use 22LR ammo. ( Affordable to shoot)
    A Colt M4 Nato 556/223 I love
    Two Glocks and a 1911 - a 38 and a heritage 22
    I have to tell you that I am "AMMO POOR" because I like to shoot.
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  5. Woodsman70

    Woodsman70 Member

    Yesterday's range session for me included the following:
    AR pistol with 7.62x39 and.556 uppers.
    45 shield
    9mm Sub 2K and a
    M&P Vtac 9.
    Then, seeing that I was "in the groove", I had to run 100 rds through the 637 38 snubby. All said and done I threw 600 chunks of lead down range. I have to admit that I felt pretty good after that.
  6. docrocket1967

    docrocket1967 Active Member

    My last trip to the range was with a Glock 23C, Glock 22, Glock 26, Beretta PX4, Glock 43, Springfield 1911, Keltec P11 (still hate it lol), Colt Detective 38 special and that's about it for that trip. oooo and a smith and wesson bodyguard.
  7. Woodsman70

    Woodsman70 Member

    I'm just glad that I worked at an ammunition plant and have been stocking up on supplies for years. Sure does help with the ammo bill.
    Next weeks outing will be the G26, G23 and the yearly sighting in of deer rifles and whichever others are screaming at me to heat up the barrels.
  8. teksid

    teksid Active Member

    If I'm taking someone to the club with me I'll take a variety of guns. Other than that I just take one. It's hard to improve your shooting when you're switching guns back and forth.
    I usually just work on improving a particular drill time or plate rack times or like last week I shot 200 rounds just working on my draw times, one round at a time. This is all I need for a good trip.
  9. Woodsman70

    Woodsman70 Member

    For me it's the opposite. Shooting multiple firearms during my training regimen has helped me be more proficient with all of my guns. No matter which one that I grab out of the safe at any time, I am able to hit on target without having to think about it. It has built up my muscle memory so to speak.
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Got a new bag so I can take 4 to 8 guns, if needed. Mostly train with one but that was before acquiring a G43 which now will share range time with my G30. The others I will bring out periodically to ensure all is fine and an excuse to clean them. Like my home G21. I’ve been accurate with it since day one. I’m more concerned with what I carry.
  11. docrocket1967

    docrocket1967 Active Member

    Do you just tug on that line and it pops the targets back up?
  12. PattonWasRight

    PattonWasRight Well-Known Member

    I used to take several, and miss those days

    Since started doing competitive shooting, it's usually just the gun I shoot in that plus whatever new toy I may have purchased recently
  13. SixG17s

    SixG17s Well-Known Member

    Yes, standard for plate racks. Multiple weapons? only for quals or 3 gun competition. For USPSA or Steel Challenge, main gun plus a spare.

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  14. Unless I’m headed to the skeet range, I typically have 4-8 different guns with me. Usually a .22 or 2 to start out, 3-5 9MM’s (always put rounds through my Shield and Glock 26 carry guns) and typically put some rounds through some duty size guns.

    I have a hard time leaving my G23 or G21 at home, and each generally sees a few magazines or more of love and attention.

    If rifles or shotguns are in the mix, I’ll cut back on the pistols.
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  15. chowser51

    chowser51 Active Member

    I bring as many as I can. Before range day I have my kids load up all the mags (I try to have a dozen per gun) so when we shoot, there's no loading magazines to waste time.
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    GARRIGA Well-Known Member

    Been doing that since day one. Only time I load at the range is when I rent something. Way more efficient use of time.
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  17. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    I spend a couple of days a week shooting out on the desert. It's only a short trip of about 2 miles out. I'll usually just take my Remington 341 Sportmaster, and a sidearm. If I shoot at an indoor range in town, it's usually with family members, and I just bring one pistol.
  18. montesf1030

    montesf1030 Active Member

    One of my latest trips to the indoor gun range [​IMG]
  19. chowser51

    chowser51 Active Member

    I have a class at noon. They said bring 100 handgun rounds and 100 rifle rounds. We're going to be shooting into and out of cars. I've already loaded up ten handgun mags (150 rounds) and four rifle mags (120 rounds of 300blk) for the course. And if I run out of rifle ammo, I have a spare rifle (5.56) with four mags as well. Only the Glock 31 will be unsuppressed.

    So there will be no loading mags during shoot time.

    And for fun, I grabbed a full auto lower from work. Just in case.
  20. BlackGuns4Fun

    BlackGuns4Fun Active Member Supporter

    Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. Nothing's quite like turbo mode (full auto) to let off a week's worth of stress. Have fun and be safe.
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