Mossburg Shotty help please

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  1. So, aside from Glocks, I am looking at picking up a new shotgun. Specifically, I really like the Mossburg 500 Tactical with the tri rail and adjustable stock. However, (this is why I am planning to move out of IL) in Illinois, they do not allow ANY shotguns with adjustable or folding stocks, or pistol grips, but that is EXACTLY what I want, so I guess its time to finally move out to AZ :)
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    None of that is illegal in Illinois, it's just Chicago and Cook county, the rest of the state does not have any type of 'assault weapon' ban.
    Also, that ban in Chicago only applied to semiauto shotguns, not pumps like the MOSSBERG 500
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  3. Really? I was unaware of that.... hmmm I saw somewhere on the forum here that someone actually posted the Illinois gun laws, do you know where to find them?
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  5. I was able to get a Mossberg 500 cruiser with factory pistol grip with no problems threw a FFL dealer and I am in central Illinios. You just need to get out of cook county lol.

    I just don't think it is legal to hunt with a pistol grip in Illinois but it is really, really easy to change out the stock.

    Some good reads:
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  6. Well, I would jsut be using it for home defense, but what is considered "short barrel"?
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    I THINK its anything under 16"
  8. Ah, and by the way I need to gtfo of IL.... the only state that straight up DENIES your right to carry, aside from Washington DC.... plus, no detachable mags on shotties, lasers or suppressors..... eff this noise lol I want my Mossburg and my Saiga 12 lol
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    federal law for shotguns.....under 18" in barrel length.....

    have you tried a folding or tactical stock out on a shotgun? down right uncomfortable with buck and slug.
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    National Firearms Act... Short Barrel Shotguns...Title II Weapons

    (SBSs)—this category is defined similarly to SBRs, but the barrel must be at least 18" instead of 16",

    and the barrel must be a smoothbore. The minimum overall length limit remains 26".
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    Again, that's Cook COunty that denies those things, not Illinois (except the suppressors-those are denied statewide). Detachable mags for shotguns and lasers on firearms are not illegal in Illinois, just Cook county/chicago.
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    ya cook/chicago...but hey,if you're willing to relocate for your right to bare arms,then leave illinois entirely too. lol