Mossberg 930

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by 762X51, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. 762X51

    762X51 New Member

    Anyone have one?
    What's your thoughts/concerns.
    I found one for 550$ worth it?

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  2. scott_gen

    scott_gen New Member

    I have nothing to offer other than -> that's one sexy shotgun! Hot damn!

  3. A 930 is on my wish list. I have a 500 I bought new 30 years ago that came with both 28" and 18" barrels, and it has never failed me. Old elbow joints causing me to look at an auto loader. I am sold on Mossy's!
  4. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Man, where did you find one at that price?
  5. EvilD

    EvilD New Member

    Don't have one yet, shot one, like it a lot, plan on Getting the Jerry Miculek model by the end of the month unless something comes up. They are gaining in popularity in 3 gun, thus the JM model.