Mosin Nagant 91/30

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  1. Any body here own one? Like it? Don't like it? Pros? Cons?

    The reason I am asking is because I found out that you can get one for a little over a 100 bucks and to me this seams to good to be true for a very popular battle prove rifle. If this is true, then more then likely I'll be getting one at the end of march.

    Thanks in advance for you time!
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    Mosin Nagant 91/30 (1891-1965)

    Mosin Nagant 91/30's are very nice bolt action rifles

    chambered for either the 7.62x54mmR, the 7.62x53mmR (Finnish variants),

    or the 7.92x57mm Mauser (Polish variants).

    Check for good bore and action...and markings that add to the value.

    Try to pick up a few more stripper clips for the 5 round non-detachable


  3. What kinds of markings should I be looking for?

    The small ma an pa shop I buy threw, the last time I was in there I didn't see they had one. So more then likely it will have to be ordered. They had to order all my firearms so far cause they mostly have pistols from police trade ins but they clam to be able to get anything that is legal. An so far they have came threw with what I've wanted. So there for I wont be able to fully check it out till it gets there. I want a classic dark color wood finish to it.

    So a little over $100 is the normal price for one? Why so cheap for a rifle that had a hand in changing history? Are they reliable like glocks? Why can't the Springfield M1A be that cheap lol:p.

    An I think this would be a nice first rifle since I currently don't own any rifles.
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    They are big, heavy, slow; pretty accurate, super cheap, super tough.

    when using corrosive ammo, just window cleaner before you do regular cleaning.
  5. yea I have watched a couple of youtube videos of people shooting and hitting targets at 1,000 yards. So they got the accuracy.
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    I've seen them as cheap as $79 packed head to toe in cosmoline...around $100 is good !

    Just google the markings...and variants. Know up front what your getting...shoot if at all possible

    ( if not loaded with cosmoline of course ) and see if you get a clean kit or bayonet included too !
  7. All righty, will do shooter. Yea I read that is it better to get the bayonet in person then buying it online to make sure it has a proper fit. It dose make the rifle really long tho. Thanks for the quick information guys. I still got a month to do some more research on it but more then likely I'll be getting one at the end of march. :D
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    Russians were firm believers in bayonet warfare and charges...

    these rifles were made to shoot with the bayonet attached...

    it does affect barrel harmonics...
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    I want one so bad! It would make a good hunting rifle too, for only $100!
  10. Just bought one as a gift for a friend. a 1927 Hex Head model, was in really great shape. packed in about 10 lbs of Cosmoline. Took me about 4 hours of striping it down and cleaning it, relubing, etc. Shot really nice though this last sunday. I paid $141 OTD Taxes and everything.
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    Is this the same type of rifle I keep seeing on sale at Big 5 Sporting Goods? They have them between $109 and $149. I'm curious and quite interested as well. if anyone has picked one of these ones up from the stores I'd like to hear their opinion.
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    Got mine for 119 at big 5. I love it and it is pretty accurate. Check the dates as well which are on the top. mine was 1942, meaning it was probably in the war. I got the bayonet, pouches, sling, and a few other things. I took it out last Sat. and was nailing stuff 25 meters away to 100 meters away with the iron sights. It kicks like a mule so I got the butt pad replacement rather than the metal lining it came with. I love it though and it is fun to shoot and has cheap ammo. For the price it is a must.

    Make sure the bolt is functional and that the bayonet fits. Other wise it is good and durable for the cost.
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    The bible for Mosin Nagants is this website:

    You can find anything and everything you want about Mosin Nagants there. That being said I got my first one 2 weekends ago. a 91/30 with round receiver and Izhevsk Armory markings. 1942 dates with all matching numbers. $140 OTD with the cosmo removed at the West Palm Beach gun show.

    It kicks a lot and gets heavy after a while so get a rifle rest and do some bench shooting if you'll be doing more than an hour or so continuous shooting.

    Almost all surplus ammo you'll buy will have corrosive berdan primers, so make sure you use some windex before you leave the range and make sure you do a detail clean as soon as you get home. New factory Bear & Tula ammo can be found without corrosive components but it's your call. $0.23 vs $0.60 per shot.

    Also has low recoil Czech training ammo, 46 grains and fairly accurate up to 200 yards...

    Finally, before you fire it make sure you get the headspace checked. Get a Field or No-Go gauge (or the whole kit) from There are other gauges you can buy but a lot of them require the removal of the extractor which to me is unneeded...

    Awesome rifles... Every gun enthusiast should have a few :)
  14. A good friend of mine has one, very fun gun to shoot. He bought it at Cabelas for $100. There was some 37 million mosin nagant mades, and now they just probably sit in a warehouse somewhere. Got to sell them somehow!
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    I used to have a few they are good rifles.
  16. Thanks for the excellent read Bocadan! I just skimmed threw it and that is a lot of information. I'll have to wait till my day off to really sit down an read it. The more and more I read/see reviews on them, the more and more I want at least one. Maybe more in the future but I'll be happy with at least one right now:).

    Who knows, this thread might be updated with pics in the near future;).
  17. Okay, they are robust and reliable, often with rough wartime finish. Great sights, the Finnish built ones are excellent. If you have a hard extraction of cases, take a 20 gauge brass brush, chuck it in an electric drill, dip in acetone and scrub the snot out of the chamber. The Model 38s and 44s are vicious little kickers, but fun. They also have one of the most clever designs of the magazine feed for a rimmed cartridge in that it will interrupt the feed so that you can easily load the mag and not have to worry about how the rims overlap, like in a SMLE. By the way Minwax Red Mahogany is an excellent match for the finish used on the wartime rifles.
    Drop in and say hello here, we have an excellent section on the MNs:
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    Btw, I was wondering what the difference was between the round or hex models? What do I look for and which one is better? Still a novice here, but trying to learn as much as I can.
  19. What I have be researching is that most people want the hex receivers cause they were made before WWII. When the war started they cut corners to mass produce them so that is when the receiver went to a round one. The hex one is better cause they say it is stronger then the round one cause it has more "structure" to it. If you look at a hex and a round receiver side by side you will see were they cut corners on the round one.

    So far this is what I'm thinking of getting. A pre 1935 with a hex receiver and all matching numbers and bayonet. At least that is what the collectors look for. Cause the hex ones are more rare then the round ones. Round ones are more common.

    More then likely I will have to order mine so I wont be able to see it till it gets there:(.
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    Sounds cool man!!! That is what I understand of the Hex receivers as well. If anything we share in your pain in waiting for a firearm.... Anticipation, longing, desire.... You have to post pics when you get it though.