More Info Leaked on the G42

  1. A few weeks ago we brought you what we knew of the new (but as of yet unannounced) Glock 42. While it is expected to be made public in the next few weeks at the annual SHOT Show, we have found some more information, and you may not like it.

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    It's probably 380 instead of 9mm

    When first leaked, it looked as if the Austrian polymer works was going to go full-on single-stack subcompact 9x19mm on us. This would have been a welcome competitor to guns like the Ruger LC9, Kimber Solo, Kahr CM9, and troubled Smith and Wesson Shield series. However multiple sources are confirming that the gun, in fact, will be a .380 ACP rather than a 9 milly.

    This is a surprise to many as Glock has long carried a blowback operated series of .380s for international sales (and LE sales here in the state on request). They have also carried the proven Baby Glock G26 series of small double stack 9's. A single stack 9mm would have been something truly new and a fighter for market share in a world that is increasingly seeing a comeback to the 1900-era Parabellum round of Georg Luger (another Austrian by chance).

    Well at least it's going to be the smallest, most compact .380 on the single stack block right?

    Um...about that...


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    • 5.94 inches in length
    • 4.13 inches in height
    • 0 .94 inches in width
    • 3.1-inch barrel
    • 13.4 ounces in weight unloaded
    • 6+1 round capacity
    • Tenifer finish, white-dot/notch sights
    • $475 MSRP

    Yes, it seems pretty small, but it just seems that way. In fact, there are several .380s out there that have been introduced in the past few years that go smaller. Namely the 9.4-ounce Ruger LCP (with the same magazine capacity), the 10.1-ounce Kahr CW380, and the 10.2 Taurus 738. Incidentally, on all three of these, the height, width, and length specs are also shorter. Price wise, they are equal or (in the case of the Taurus) below Glock's MSRP of $475.


    Overall, this seems pretty underwhelming. Glock could have hit this out of the park with a single-stack 9mm that would have had more quality than the Kel Tec PF9 or Taurus 709, more reliability than the S&W Shield or Kimber Solo, and given the Kahr 9mm, SIG P938, and Colt New Agent a run for their money. Instead, it is just a slightly-large-for-its-capability .380.

    Some gun writers such as Colin Noir, the NRA's well-respected Urban Gun Enthusiast, has gone so far as to call the Glock 42, if the above specs are correct, "The Glock No One Asked For"

    It seems that everyone was looking forward to the gun last week, now it's a shoulder shrugger. Still, at least you will now finally be able to get a .380 Glock without a letterhead from your local police department. It's a party popper rather than a roman candle, but it still is interesting.

    Happy New Year.
  2. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    I may still buy one, but I'm really hoping they make a 9mm and 40s&w with the same dimensions.

  3. Word on the street is that they will use the same platform for just that. Perhaps the new G43 and 44!
  4. h2oskikrazy

    h2oskikrazy New Member

    I would trade my Ruger LCP for this gun in a heartbeat. I suspect you will be able to take this to the range and shoot hundreds of rounds of whatever ammo you want with no reliability issues like any other glock. With my Ruger, I just can't be sure that's possible. The glock is probably a larger gun for a good reason.