More Chicago craziness!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by MarinewithaGlock, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. MarinewithaGlock

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    Looks like they'll make it less of an offense if your are caught with marijuana BUT they still think law abiding gun owners are the Anti-Christ.
    Guess they think we should give up guns and smoke pot. Because that's much safer.
  2. RusticBliss

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    Just read a similar story last week about NYC.

  3. MarinewithaGlock

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    There was an article earlier this week after the supreme court ruled against Chicago and some of their gun laws where mayor Rham Emanuel declared that he would continue to try and pass the strictest gun laws possible to keep his streets safe. It's on another thread on here.
  4. 23or22or27

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    My folks live in Northern IL. Dad sent a link to a photo of the check the city of Chicago wrote to the gun owners group who filed the lawsuit. It was for their legal fees and if my memory is correct it was a little over $400,000.
  5. Danzig

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    Here you go!