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Milt Sparks Versa Max 2

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I just got a Milt Sparks VM2 for my gen4 19 not all that long ago. Its my first IWB holster ever since here in Wisconsin we never really had a need for them until recently. So far its a nice little holster that is extremely well made. Still getting used to the whole concealed carry thing but so far so good. Now I need to get a nice mag holder.


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I hear that's a good holster...
Yeah man, that's what people say. I was between this, a Raven, and a Crossbreed STD. What sold me was the availability, I found my VM2 in stock ready to ship where everything else was a hefty wait. On the down side, the holster cost me $155.
Whoa...! Must be a damn good holster for that price...
Yeah, no ****. A wise man once said "Pay once, Cry once." Add up all of the money some spend on holsters till they fine one that they are happy with then all of a sudden this expensive, high quality, hand made in the USA, LEATHER holster isn't so bad. I can see it sticking with me for a long time.....

I will try to post pictures tonight.
Updated the first post with some crap pictures from my phone.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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