military retirees and the va

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    Has anyone tried to increase their disability % after being out 10-15 years?
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    Been out since 98 never tried or thought to for that matter, but interesting thought

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    Mine has been increased twice and I'm currently awaiting a decision on another one. Right now, they're averaging 4 years on processing. They made a partial change on mine and denied the rest, after 9 months; I filed in December of 2008. I appealed in September of 2009 and I'm still waiting.

    Obviously, there has to be justification for the increase. They have certain things they look for and if you don't meet the criteria, they won't increase it. Sometimes, even if you do meet the criteria, they don't increase it and you have to appeal, as I have.

    If you're near a VA Regional Office, go in and talk to a rep. The various veteran organizations, DAV, American Legion, etc, along with the State Dept of Veteran's Affairs, if your state has one, will all have reps in the office and they are the ones who you talk to. Even if you're not a member of a particular organization, they will still be your rep for this.

    If you're not near a VARO, look for a state veteran's agency office or the nearest VA hospital. Usually, if there's a hospital with no other VA facility nearby, they have Veteran's service reps in the building. Those guys can tell you whether or not you'll qualify.

    Oh, and if you do request the increase, be prepared to be frustrated. They'll send you to various outside doctors and then out of the blue send you to more, and then you'll wait. And wait. And wait. With no update or ETA.