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    So I had Mike P from Defensive Concealment, right here in the vendor area of Glock Forum custom build me an OWB holster for my Glock 17/22. It was quickly shipped and got here on Friday and I was able to use it in a defensive pistol competition Saturday.

    First of all this the turnaround time for this custom holster was incredible. From the time I ordered it to the time it came in the mail was exactly 1 week! Mike P was constantly keeping me updated through the whole process, even asking if I would like a couple custom pieces built in/used on the holster.

    The first custom piece was a larger section of the back of the Kydex to come up a bit higher to provide easier re-holstering during competition use, since using one hand to holster the firearm is a requirement. This piece keeps your shirt from binding in between the firearm and the holster. Another custom piece which I really liked was the conversion kit to convert the holster to IWB. It is just a pair of leather straps which tie around the belt and replaces the belt loops on the OWB variation.

    I will also note that where many companies and businesses fail to please, defensive concealment goes above and beyond. The customer service I received from them was such a refreshing change from what many of us have grown used to. I have already mentioned the customization I was provided, to add to it he showed me pictures of my holster after it was formed to make sure it took the right size, shape and was the quality I was looking for.

    After I received the holster in the mail and took it out of the box the first thing I noticed was how contoured the holster is. For a skinny guy like myself this is a welcome shape in order to actually conceal this firearm for EDC. I wore the holster with my Glock 17 all day and noticed how high it sits and the extra comfort provided from this profile immediately. I even forgot I had it on at times. This is the first holster I can conceal with just a t-shirt that I have ever owned. The retention is great, I can hold the holster upside down and shake violently, and the gun won't fall out, but the ease of taking the Glock out and holstering is very easy.

    Overall I am very pleased With this holster. It is hands down the best holster I have now, and at $46 shipped, the price simply can not be beat.

    I do not normally review products, but this was an exception due to how pleased I am with this holster.

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  2. Awesome! It's nice to see a detailed, well written review for a vendor here. Mike custom made my holster as well and you are right, they are quite exceptional.

    How did the match go?

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    The match went really well. First time at the Boulder Rifle Club and had a blast. It was my girlfriends first match so I was more focused on her having fun and doing well. I am actually going to order a pink holster from Mike for her upcoming birthday!
  4. You know what goes good with that? Pink custom paint on her gun!

    I can't help myself, I'm a marketing monster LOL. A pink holster would be awesome!
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    The only problem with that is that "her gun" is my brand new Glock 17 gen 4. She won't shoot anything else lol. When she does get a Glock for herself I will send it to you for paint. I also wanna get that FDE on my old G22 when I get the cash
  6. FDE is one of my favorite colors, it just has a certain smooth to it
  7. Good deal. Glad you like it. Make sure to let us know what you think of it as a IWB unit after you try it. FYI.....when putting on the IWB straps, if you crank them down to tight it makes the snaps hard to undo.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to write the review. It helps a great deal.

    Also FYI, we will be ordering the pink Kydex for you this week. We should have it by the end of the week.
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    That's awesome, Mike, thanks! I'm gonna try IWB today and I will post my results back on this thread
  9. Even if you don't like it I want to hear about it. I personally think it works well as a all in one combo unit. When wearing it as a IWB it does ride a tad higher than our dedicated IWB.
  10. Mike does good work. He is my first throught when it comes to anything kydex related.

    You cant beat his prices.
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    So I have tried the IWB variation of my Defensive Concealment holster and thought it was really cool!

    It took me three tries to figure out how to put the leather buckles/snaps on correctly, but I will chalk that up to first time use. 3rd time was a real 'duh' moment, haha.

    Mike did mention it rides a little higher than his dedicated IWB holster which I don't doubt for a second, but since I don't have that to compare it to, I can't tell you whether my experience would be the same or not. What I can tell you is that for me, and again I am a tall skinny guy, it concealed the weapon very well. It felt 'high and tight' to my body, like how any football player would tell you is a very good thing. The best spot I found for the holster was just behind my center line somewhat resting on my Gluteus behind my pelvic bone. I have never worn IWB before this, so it was a little strange but it was very quick and easy to get used to and I actually like it very much.

    To anybody looking strictly for concealment and EDC, I would suggest going with his standard build and nix the additional sweat guard which he put on mine. The sweat guard did make it just a bit uncomfortable when sitting down and resting my back on a chair or stool. It was never anything terrible, but just a suggestion.

    Again I think this holster is great compared to anything on the Market and for the price can not be beat. $46 shipped is incredible, and I am glad to be in on the ground floor and receive the quality and customer support I have received

    Thanks, Mike P!!
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    I've done a tad of business with Mike and the speed and attention he gives your product and shipping can't be beat. He gets 5 stars from me also.

    TD, thanks for taking the time to review. It helps show Glock Forum's membership what the vendors are made of here.
  13. Awesome, good feedback. Thats exactly what I was looking for. The combo unit was just an idea we had so a user could save a little buying just one instead of two seperate holsters. In my testing I have not worn one with the sweat gaurd but I will have to try it now myself to see how it feels. I to found it to be more comfortable when sitting at the 4 oclock position.

    I'm not normally a IWB guy either. Personally the whole idea of it is awkward to me......I know some love it though. Like I said the combo unit is just an idea that you and a couple of others were lucky enough to test out at no extra cost. We are still working on improving it because I think the idea of the "combo" unit is solid.

    Glad you are super happy with the unit as a OWB and once again thanks for the feedback on the combo.

    Remember guys/gals if you have any questions at all just shoot me a PM. Even if I'm not on here I will recieve email notification on my phone and will respond with in minutes(unless i'm asleep). No waiting around on customer service from us.
  14. New design seems to be hitting it off Mike ;)
  15. Im waiting on feedback from other test monkeys to see how much we might need to tweak the design or if we need to at all. Sounds good so far.
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    Thanks for the excellent review danielism, very good info. I'm interested in the combo model when it's ready, sounds like a great idea.
  17. Its availible. Just PM me if interested and I will hook you up.
  18. Daniel, anymore feedback on wearing the combo unit as IWB?
  19. TheDanielism

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    The IWB setup works great. Most of the time I don't even realize it is there. I think it is a great rig and I use it all the time
  20. Awesome. I still need to make myself one with a sweat guard to try out.