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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by educatedfool, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. educatedfool

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    I just purchased a ghost 3.5lb trigger connector and spring kit from glock polishing on eBay. I bought this for my 20, but then noticed in the description that the 20 wasn't mentioned as compatible. the 29 was, however. will this kit work with my 20 or did I just royally screw up?
  2. david1962hd

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    That's a question for Ghost Inc.
    Call or E-mail Arthur he will answer you quick.
    If its the wrong set-up he will more than likely swap out with you.

  3. voyager4520

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    Every Glock connector, firing pin spring, trigger spring, and firing pin safety spring are compatible with every Glock ever made. (not sure about the G18)
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  4. zipper046

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    Part dimensions are the same, however spring tensions are not. Stock spring tensions for a G20 are different than say a G17 or G22 due to different calibers. Your spring pack may be too light for the G20 to function properly.