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Midway usa range bag

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If someone has some pictures of the large midway range bag can they post them like the inside pockets and stuff. The sight dosent show much
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Or the smaller bag will work to. Just want to get a idea really
Sorry, no pics but have one of each in OD. They're awesome bags.

Bought one of the large ones as a B-day gift for my cousin as well.
Luggage and bags Tire Light Bag Sleeve

I love mine. My wife ordered it for us, just came in a couple weeks ago. Couldn't ask for a better range bag


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Automotive lighting Automotive tire Luggage and bags Bumper Bag

Here's a better pic, accidentally sent that last post too quickly (I promise that's never happened before!!)
Lots of compartments, 15+ mag pouches, 2 gun socks.


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Includes 2 Velcro dividers for the main compartments so you can partition off certain items. It's huge
+1 for this bag. I have 1, my buddy has one for him and his girl, my dad has the small version.
Heard nothing but great things about this bag, I want one but I haven't got one yet cause I am currently using a ferno brand ALS medic bag with modules in it to store my gun cleaning items and various tools, basically the same setup as the midway bag and plenty of room for more things if needed... I recommend the midway bag :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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