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Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by jcrobert1983, Jun 26, 2012.

  1. jcrobert1983

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    Just got in my new range bag from Midway USA and man I love it. It's normally an 80 dollar bag but right now it's on sale on the website for $44.00. I thought that was a steal. Anyway I could not find a bad review for this bag. Looks like the 5.11 bag but cheaper without skimping on the quality. Even comes with a removable inner bag when you only need to carry a few things not to mention a holder for spent brass. Thanks to everyone's input about this bag on the forum, I got a great bag for the range at a great price
  2. I couldn't agree more! The only problem is, I didn't think it would be that big. :eek: It is a very nice with a looooot of room. Awesome buy when they are on the sale price.

  3. NoMoss

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    I picked up the the compact bag a few weeks ago. And the tactical bag for $10. The compact bag easily holds 4 boxes of 50 rounds of .40 cal, two pistols, two sets of ear muffs, two bottles of water, a golf towel, 7 mags and still has room. The tactical bag holds 4 boxes of ammo, two pistols and 7 mags.
  4. NoMoss

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    Btw - at this price I'd recommend both :)
  5. shaker223

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    I have one of each. You can't go wrong with either. Great bags.
  6. laober

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    Great bag, I love mine, but I have a problem that I must fill all pockets........heavy s.o.b
    My wife was kind enough to sew some patches on it so I know it's mine at the range :)
  7. ming

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    I also have one of each. They are very nice bags.
  8. +1. I have three Midway bags, and all are excellent. I don't have the large bag yet, but the compact bag holds plenty of stuff from ammo to muffs to pistols to tools to targets and cleaning supplies.

    And I really love the tac pistol bag...I fill it up with loaded mags before I go shoot so u can load mags in my house versus at the range where it's 95 degrees.

    These are NOT cheap bags, they are inexpensive bags.
  9. VCMike

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    I hav e had one of these bags for some time and it works great, A friend has went through three bags since a got mine. He has now ent out and bought on also the last time they were on sale.
  10. laober

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    The stitching on the Velcro handle came loose, but it was easily repaired.
  11. Webphisher

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    Its a big ass bag, but its great when I want to take everything with me.
  12. elroyyboy

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    I got the compact and it's plenty big for me. I happened to be in Columbia, MO yesterday and ordered mine for pickup. Easily big enough for 2 guns and lots of stuff. Best $29.99 ive spent outside a third world country.