micro stamping bull$#!?

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    The first thing that jumps to my mind, if it were criminal, is why not just scoop up a bunch of used casings at the range then plant them at the crime scene.

  2. SeventiesWreckers

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    More stealth gun control, the cost just gets passed onto the consumer, us. I like that Remington threatened to move out of NY. Good for them.
  3. Danzig

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    Kimber needs to threaten to move also. I think Auto Ordnance is still in NY. All the NY gun manufacturers need to protest at the Capitol of NY. How many jobs would be in question along with tax revenue. There are plenty of gun friendly states that would love to welcome these factories. Texas says "Y'all come on down!"
  4. Levelcross

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    NC would welcome them too....Lord know we could use the jobs that it would create. COME ON DOWN!!!!
  5. How can anyone live north of virginia? I escaped soon as i could