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The Chippewa County CPL Gun Board meets the first Friday of each month to grant/deny applications. Applications must be picked up from County Clerk's office. In the application there is a list of Gun Safety Class instructors that may be contacted to take the class to receive certification that must be presented with CPL application.

Two Passport quality photos must be attached to application, and once fee has been paid they will give a receipt that you take to Cash & Carry to have your finger prints electronically scanned. This is the only location the County will have do finger printing.

If you can have all this done and turned in two weeks prior to the first Friday of each month you will most likely receive a letter in the mail that Monday after Friday stating the decision they made.

Here is my experience and timeline for my CPL.

1. Picked up application from clerks office around the 1st of October.
2. Had CCW Safety class October 13.
3. Submitted application, photos, certificate, and fee to clerks office on October 19
4. Got fingered printed on October 24.
5. Board met on November 2.
6. Received letter on November 5 stating I was approved and could pick up CPL.
7. Drove my butt to clerks office and signed for CPL and they gave it to me.

Entire time just a little over 1 month, and the total fees were $125 for CCW Safety Class and $145 for application, photos, and finger printing.
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