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  1. savage07

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    Mexican police main carry are AR15 and some others carry something similar to an HK 93 and for side arm a revolver. And this are just the regular police officer. Looks like they have a lot of action more often!
  2. jimmyalbrecht

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    It's because of the drug cartels, those people don't mess around...

  3. GlockIt

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    Yea, they carry an AR type rifle or an HK 93 or 21 as far as normal Federal Police goes which are the normal police there. They still carry revolvers? I thought all have switched to a G17/19. They have to carry those weapons due to cartel violence. Some crazy stuff goes on south of the border that we have no idea about. The only thing we can hope is that type of violence dosen't hit the U.S.
  4. Danzig

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    Some of that violence is coming over. It's just being downplayed. Ask people in Texas and Arizona. I'm sure the other border states as well.
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    For real!!
  6. savage07

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    I was at Merida, this places it's really safe compared to the rest. Around here they still use revolvers, but I bet in Mexico city they use Glocks.
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    True dat. Alot is being hushed up.

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    Too much gets hushed up...
  9. GlockIt

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    That's what I heard. I have a friend who lives in Austin TX and she was telling me the same thing and wanted to get he permit again.

    Nice, were you down for pleasure or to visit family? I always wanted to go to Mexico and was going to do Cancun this past spring break. I really wanted to go and still regret I didn't go as a sort of a senior college trip with a bunch of my class mates. I was hoping my dad went down to FL during my break and I would of headed down there with my classmates and not told my parents. I would of footed a $200 AT&T bill and pretended I was stuck back up north or say I lost my Iphone:D. My dad also said I would be a prime target for kidnappers as I would be the tallest one in my group and I "Stick Out." Heres my school formal picture and guess who I am!!!

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    I went for both, family and pleasure. I don't know about Mexico city, I heard its could be really tough and dangerous for tourist. But this was my second time in Merida Yucatan, and it's beautiful, laid back, relaxing, cultural, and peaceful. Yeah you would blind out really quick in Merida, here they all are short people with big head, but really nice, cool and beautiful people.
  11. iGlock

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    Last time i went to rocky point in spring break, the police where carrying ar's and what look like mp5s. They where driving around in lifted trucks with more police riding in the back.

    I got alot of famliy in jalisco. A 3 day drive passed the border to get there, or fly lol.
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  12. Argyle64

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    If I was working down there I would be carrying the same thing. When I would work our Mexican festivals here in Oklahoma City, I always had my single point sling already around my chest and my rifle ready to go. I didn't get more than 100 feet from my unit in case I needed to deploy my rifle.
  13. savage07

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    Lol! Yeah that's how the ride around there, on a pick up truck with a couple of them in the back. In one occasion they had a machine gun installed on their pick up and they looked like they were going to star wars!!
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    Unfortunately in our country of America we have some of the highest if not the highest drug consumption in the world. And with that comes violence since it is illegal. The only solution is to stop using drugs or legalize drug use. I dont do drugs or agree with them but it's a reality. And drug use is not slowing down that's for sure. We saw the same thing when the prohibition happened. Guess who was a major player in the illegal liquor business outlaws and the mob.
  15. savage07

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    You have no idea who make this drugs and what they use in it. Every time they change and make new stuff, poison our youngsters and drugs ignorant people. And even thought alcohol can kill and make people do stupid and crazy things shouldn't be compare with drugs home made laboratories. Is just my opinion. Legalize them or not is not going to make our society better, our society it's going down with so many other factors already. But at least if is illegal some kids are gonna think twice before became a new member of drug uses. Just my two scents.
  16. Gun_Aficionado

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    True our country is the largest consumer of illicit drugs and narcotics!
    True this brings violence, sickness and death to many drug free folks!
    What are we going to do about it?
    The current methods do not work!!!
    We need a government that is tough on the drug consumer to lessen demand!
    Dealers only exist because there is a high demand and big profits they forget to factor in low life expectancy or do not care....