Memorial Day - A Pictorial Remembrance

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    I thought I might post some pics of old family military pieces. I know some of these mostly forgotten relations by oral history, and some I knew in person when I was younger. And although their lives have past, and the details of those live disappeared, their service to America still remains. Some things do endure if we just let them.

    The Union Army (Grand Army Of The Republic) decoration belonged to my Great Grandfathers Dad. My Grandfather was named Isaac after him. A cousin of my Grandmother was a Roughrider, & served in Cuba, later in 1905 he attended the Roughrider Reunion of 1905 in San Antonio. Another cousin from Rush, Kansas enlisted in the Army in April of 1917, and returned home from France in the Summer of 1919. His AEF ring & pin are favorites, along with the WWI Victory decoration.

    The Herringbone USMC Utility Blouse with USMC buttons is authentic South Pacific Battle Dress, as is the U.S.M.C. Village Blacksmith Bolo. The Eagle Globe & Anchors with no fouled ropes are circa 1936-38. My father in law, Albert Senne gave them all to me when he passed in 1988. He was an authentic China Marine. Departed Bremerton, Washington State in 1935 for the Orient, served in Tientsin, China for two years, applied for, and was retrained as a Navy Corpsman. Stayed in the Pacific for the duration of the war. Returned Stateside to San Diego in November of 1945. 10 year tour. We were very good friends, and I had immense respect for him.

    The brass Army Air Corps cigarette case belonged to an Uncle on my Fathers side. He was a pilot that took part in the Berlin Airlift in 1948. He told endless stories, one favorite was how amazed the Germans were that the Americans worked so hard bombing Germany into rubble, then worked just as hard to save it. I guess you just have to know Americans.

    This App will only allow 10 pics, so the blouse & case will go up in the next post.

    Thanks for following along, & enjoy the history.

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  2. thank you for sharing this. the knife is awesome

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    What a beautiful collection!! Awesome stuff Wrecker. Thanks for allowing us to see them. God Bless All of our Hero's!!!
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    Pardon the delay, the uploader jammed a bit.

    And here's the rest. Excuse the K-Bar, It's mine & I just put it in for a size perspective on the Bolo.

    Thanks - Enjoy

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    Love it all, thanks
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    I just love that people like you still have such a great respect for the history of our soldiers and your family. Thanks Again!!
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    Your all very welcome, and thanks for taking it in the spirit it's offered in. I really didn't want to offend anyone. There are some that have a Southern history you know, and I do have some relations that were on that side of the lines, but no artifacts to put up.

    So thanks again for your good will & spirit.
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    This is an amazing collection, but the story behind them are even more interesting. Thank you posting and thank all of those that have and are serving.
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    Awesome pics...thanks for sharing them !
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    SeventiesWreckers these are truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.
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    Good stuff bro. Wish I had all my Dads stuff but it was spread out. Although, I do have his foot locker & his South Nam photo album of what they were doing to keep their mind off the bloodshed.... Army/MP

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Awesome stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!