Melting spent primers

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    Just got my lee hand press, reading threw it and it says that primers are made of lead... Can I toss those in my lead bucket for when I start smelting my own bullets?
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    I wouldn't. I don't know what your reading, so I can't comment on that publication. The old standby for a good hardcast recipe is appx 10% tin & the balance pure lead. I'm not sure what primers exactly contain theses days, the outer shell is a brass/copper alloy, but they aren't too likely to melt in the mix, the temps are way too low. Detonating, or blasting caps, used to detonate high explosives contain lead azide, which is't actually lead, but a high explosive in it's own right. I wouldn't deviate past wheel weights.

  3. Never see a lead primer. :confused:All the modern ones are small steel or brass cups with priming compound and a small steel or brass anvil inside of em'. :cool:
  4. I can't answer the original question either way but I will say this.....I wouldn't do it based on what my own Dillon 550 does every so often which is, for what ever reason the primer feeder will get jacked up and miss feed a new primer that sometimes falls down into the spent primer tray.

    New/unfired primer in smelting pot....ummmmm
  5. Lead azide is often used in modern primers. Considering the number of primers you'd need to melt down in order to get a single cast bullet, in addition to the risk that Mike P has pointed out of throwing an unspent primer into a molten pot of lead. Probably not worth the risk and effort.
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    The primer case is brass. I don't see how to get metallic lead out of spent primers.
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    Good point there, Mike.
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    Itd be the primers from my brass that was fired, it just said as a caution because it has lead, was hoping to add a lil extra to my lead collection