Mega Millions

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  1. If I win, I promise you'll never find out ;).
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    Between my wife's work and my personal numbers we have about 200 chances to win!
  4. Lovethyglock

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    Yes. It is up to 640,000,000. A new record. I'm not a fan of lottery but a group of 11 get into it at work. Needless to say our dept won't exist anymore if we hit that jackpot. I can't help but dream. The cash option is over 400,000,000. That is just crazy. I hope I'm the lucky one.
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    Lol my fam just went out to purchase tickets
  6. Hamster

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    Nearly everyone where I work pooled together to buy a bunch of tickets. I think we ended up with a little over 200.
    Even the owner got in on it. He said he didn't want to be the only one showing up for work if we win. ;)
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    Stop wasting your money guys! I should have let you all know I already have the winning ticket. I hope this can save some of you some cash!
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    If you're the one buying the pool tickets, now's not the time to get lazy. Buy YOUR ticket/tickets at another store. If you don't, your life could get ugly if you win.:mad:
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    NO WINNER AGAIN!?!? The jackpot is going to get completely out of hand!
    Here's the winners for GA.
    $640,000,000 _______0
    $250,000 ___________6 (I hope I'm 1 of the 6)
    $10,000 ____________48
    $10 _______________33,212
    $7 ________________88,425
    $3 _______________197,499
    $2 _______________371,066

    I haven't checked my numbers yet but the way my luck has been going lately, I won't even get $2.00.
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